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    News to Know

    The news you need to know for the evening of Thursday 9th January.

    by Political News -  9 January 2020
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    Bank of England misleads on the EU

    The Bank of England claims EU membership has helped the dynamism of the UK economy. But it is hard to see how this could be the case when Brussels weighs us down in complex bureaucracy, dear energy, and a failure to negotiate global trade deals

    by Sir John Redwood MP -  8 November 2015
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    Dealing with Britain's economic success

    Clearly the economy has excelled compared to the Bank of England's forecasts, which assumed it would take longer for unemployment to fall this far. John Redwood MP explains what's going on

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 24 January 2014
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    Rising interest rates – a nice problem to have?

    Britain is in great hands over monetary policy. The economic recovery promoted by the Conservative-led government requires expert management, and Canada's Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, will provide

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 16 November 2013
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    Cecil on a mission creep

    Bureaucrats seem intent on mission creep and appear to be targeting growth policies. But if they succeed, what is the point of the politician?

    by Simon Miller - 14 December 2012
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    Bad LUC for banks, bad luck for us

    If the market doesn't have confidence then share prices fall, bond yields shoot up and eventually a bank is in solvency trouble as its own liquidity dries up despite fire sales

    by Simon Miller -  6 November 2012
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    Austerity is under attack

    If even moderate attempts to slow the increase in debt prove electorally unpalatable then western voters will be faced not with the bumpy landing of austerity but with the fatal crash of economic collapse

    by John Phelan -  8 May 2012