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  • Israeli_flag_burning

    The shameful anti-Semitism in the British Left

    Many sections of society continue to be infected by the virus of anti-Semitism. But its prevalence is most obvious in the British Left where a mutated form of the disease is spreading like wildfire

    by Michael Curtis -  5 April 2016
  • Blair_hand_in_air

    Corbyn defeats modern Labour. Next up, modern Britain

    Having defeated the modern Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn will now go after modern Britain as a whole, with poverty-inducing voodoo economics and social populism mainly aimed at smashing middle England

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 13 September 2015
  • Corbyn_latest

    INSTANT VIEW: Corbyn win and retotalitarianisation of the Left

    In Jeremy Corbyn, Labour now has a leader who is essentially anti-Western, and that manifests itself in a multiplicity of ways from opposition to domestic free market economics to a sytematic rationalisation of the anti-freedom agendas of groups such as Hamas and international leaders such as Vladimir Putin

    by the commentator - 12 September 2015
  • Labour_leadership_race

    Labour meltdown: They're more unelectable than ever, poll suggests

    Labour's meltdown continues, with a new poll showing more than three quarters of voters think the party is even less electable than at the general election. It could get worse still if far-Left candidate Jeremy Corbyn wins the party's leadership race

    by the commentator - 28 July 2015
  • Jeremy_corbyn

    Corbyn shows Labour never really dropped far-Left baggage

    Jeremy Corbyn is riding a wave of far-Left nostalgia from an unreconstructed Labour activist core, blown along by the success of Nicola Sturgeon. But the Corbyn factor comes down to this: they would if they could; but they can't so they won't

    by the commentator - 17 July 2015
  • Clint

    Ed Miliband: Not Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood would have made everyone's day if Ed Miliband hadn't done it all for us. Miliband’s basic and eventually ruinous problem was that he knew nothing much about the real world beyond pampered Left-progressive policy wonkery and London middle class socialism

    by Charles Crawford - 11 May 2015
  • Miliband_thought_crime

    Vote Ed for Orwellian UK, free of "Islamophobia"

    It wasn't hard to predict, and it has been long predicted. Labour leader Ed Miliband is pandering to the largely fake terminology of "Islamophobia" to get the Muslim vote. So, vote Labour for an Orwellian Britain

    by Robin Mitchinson -  1 May 2015
  • Miliband_class_war

    Leftist class war is bad for Britain

    Ed Miliband is far too posh to be a class warrior. But Labour, the Greens and the SNP play divisive class war politics anyway. This is no way to run the country, and voters should be wary of such destructive ideas come polling day

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 16 April 2015
  • Ed_balls

    Labour all over the place on the deficit, as usual

    Labour is as confused and contradictory as ever on the deficit, and this should worry voters. Amazingly, the single main message of their Manifesto is that the last government was right -- the Conservative-led coalition did need to get the deficit down after all. So why should we trust Labour now?

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 14 April 2015
  • Miliband_panic

    Panic in Labour circles after latest poll

    The latest ICM poll showing the Tories taking a solid lead over Labour is causing panic in Miliband's close circle. Looking also at the situation for UKIP and the Greens, it's all getting a bit too spicy for Ed

    by the commentator - 17 February 2015
  • House_with_english_flags

    Labour and LibDems add insult to injury to England

    We want England to be in charge of all relevant issues, from new laws to matters like income tax rates and tuition fees. But cynical Labour and the Lib Dems don't want this, and thus insult the English

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 15 December 2014
  • Miliband_panic

    Labour starts to panic, and rightly so

    Sheer panic has gripped Labour, as their almost incomprehensibly daft electoral "strategy" suggests. Let's indeed hope that Miliband continues to be as incompetent as an electoral strategist as he was as a minister

    by Andrew Gibson - 30 November 2014
  • Flag_of_saint_george

    Why does Labour despise England?

    Labour hates England. Miliband and company show their disdain by their opposition to devolution of power to the English. In some cases, Labour even goes so far as to disrespect the English flag. Should the English respect Labour?

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 22 November 2014
  • Miliband_the_nerd

    Hopeless Labour vulnerable to both UKIP and Tories

    The Labour party has morphed into a party of anger and of envy, with malicious policies designed to divide society instead of bringing it together. Because they offer working people nothing, they're vulnerable to both UKIP and the Tories

    by Steven George-Hilley - 13 October 2014
  • Miliband_latest

    Labour's plan for us all to be equally poor

    Labour is a bad joke. Miliband’s speech summed it all up. Please don’t mention the deficit. Pease, please don’t mention immigration. The EU is just fine, and those open borders have to be accepted. Can we let them into power?

    by Sir John Redwood MP - 25 September 2014