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    Sex and the Vatican

    Sex. It’s all about sex, the Roman Catholic Church. Who hasn’t thought that? Pope Francis’s church needs to return, as Christ did, to talking about the poor, lest this becomes an obsession

    by Tim Hedges -  7 September 2018
  • Pope_in_myanmar

    Pope takes flak in Myanmar, and in the Vatican too

    Things are not looking too happy in the Holy See where Pope Francis' penchant for rubbing conservatives up the wrong way is leading to talk of a schism. In Myanmar, by contrast, he has enraged the liberal media by not visiting Rohingya refugee camps. This is a pope who tells it as he sees it, and isn't afraid to take the flak

    by Tim Hedges -  4 December 2017
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    Where’s the Pope’s encyclical on Christian persecution?

    The fact that Pope Francis is prepared to issue an encyclical on the environment but not on the vast persecution of Christians across the Islamic world is as sad a statement as one could imagine on the power political correctness now exerts in the West

    by Raymond Ibrahim - 26 June 2015
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    The Pope’s third year starts with a bang, and a joke

    Popes are not known for telling jokes. So when Pope Francis told a self-deprecating gag, you can be sure there was more to it than that. Serious deeds are afoot in the Vatican

    by Tim Hedges - 16 March 2015
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    Pope Francis effect: Christians should not fear change

    Critics of Pope Francis call him a liberal, a moderniser and a reformer. But those who object to the direction of the Catholic Church are forgetting there was one person who did all these things and more, a very long time ago, and his name was Jesus Christ, writes Clare George-Hilley

    by Clare George-Hilley - 26 December 2014
  • Peter_mandelson

    The Pope needs Peter Mandelson

    Among Pope Francis’s many qualities PR does not figure. Perhaps it is to his credit, but increasingly he seems to be presiding over a shambles. He could do with Peter Mandelson

    by Tim Hedges - 26 October 2014
  • Quite_a_setting

    The day of the four Popes

    Think Christianity is over? To describe central Rome as full would be understating the case: St. Peter’s Square can hold about 250,000, but there were at least another half million swarming in the neighbouring streets and piazzas

    by Tim Hedges - 28 April 2014
  • The_cenacle_upper_room

    The Vatican, Nazis, Popes and Jews

    Strong differences are particularly focused on the events of October 16, 1943 when the Nazis rounded up and imprisoned more than 1,000 Jews at a site close to the Vatican: most of the Jews rounded up during the incident were killed at Auschwitz

    by Michael Curtis - 30 October 2013
  • Pope_francis_kissing_feet

    The remarkable Pope Francis: gays and lepers of old

    Pope Francis, a very modest man, would surely deprecate any effort to compare him to St. Francis of Assisi. Still, I can’t help but wonder: What will this remarkable new pontiff do next?

    by Hal Gordon - 31 July 2013
  • Scotland_catholics

    The Cuckoo In Pope Francis’s Nest

    Politics has evolved from a sometimes stern defence of core values to the championing of sentimental causes by politicians who often have no other way of showing that they are still in touch with the voters

    by Tom Gallagher - 16 May 2013