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    Tunisia: How UK's "not Islam" narrative helps terrorists

    UPDATE (for which see below article on Britain's new pro-terror narrative, dated July 1, 2015): Islam can be a religion of peace, but it can also be a religion of war, and many shades in between, including terror. The disastrous narrative that it's not Islam, pushed by British PM Cameron after the Tunisia massacre is a massive boost to the terrorists. It's vital that Cameron et al understand their terrible error

    by the commentator - 28 June 2015
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    Tunisia attack: Islamic terror families must apologise

    Sadistic, psychotic, and without conscience, the evils of Islamic extremism have been dissembled about for far too long. This appalling terrorism is supported by the wider ideology of Islamofascism which is nurtured inside families. We need to say so loudly and clearly

    by Clare George-Hilley - 26 June 2015