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  • Customs

    A new UK immigration policy to work for all

    There are some terrific new ideas coming out of the Brexit camp on immigration. The vast majority of people support immigration, but not uncontrolled immigration. We should be filled with enthusiasm about a new, fair, and sane immigration agenda for Britain

    by Matthew Ellery - 18 August 2016
  • Uk_border

    A fair immigration system outside the EU

    Our EU-driven immigration policy is fundamentally unfair and discriminatory. Immigrants should be judged on their individual merits, and not treated as superior to others just because they're European. Want fair and sane immigration? Then Brexit is the only answer

    by Matthew Ellery - 25 March 2016
  • Cameron_and_juncker

    Chaos and glaring contradiction from Brussels on immigration

    The EU is in a state of complete and utter chaos, disorganisation, and directionless ‘leadership’ over the refugee crisis. But when it comes to our own immigration policy Brussels is quite sure that we aren't allowed control over our borders. Who said, "Brexit"?

    by Robin Mitchinson -  8 October 2015
  • Immigration_violence_germany

    Can Immigration be Trumped?

    Donald Trump says the answer to the immigration problem is to deport millions and build walls. In Europe the problem is even bigger. How do we have a proper debate on immigration without unleashing the extremists?

    by Michael Curtis - 26 August 2015
  • Farage_thumbs_up

    Why UKIP is better for immigrants than Labour or the Tories

    The mainstream media that has portrayed UKIP as anti-immigrant has spectacularly missed the point. UKIP offers real hope to immigrants in a way that Conservatives and Labour can't understand. Whatever you have heard, many love UKIP's Euroscepticism too, and for good reason

    by Przemek Skwirczynski -  2 May 2015
  • Farage_manifesto

    UKIP manifesto: The Guardian can't stop lying

    The Guardian knows full well that it's lying about UKIP and immigration, but the prejudices of their core readership demand a dishonest smear, so a dishonest smear is what they are given. Yes, UKIP wants us to be like neo-fascist, er, Australia!

    by Westminster shrink - 16 April 2015
  • Suzanne-evans

    UKIP's brilliant manifesto launch should worry the Tories

    UKIP has really raised the bar with the launch of its election manifesto. It will require a robust and serious response. But if the Tories are even allowing UKIP to outflank them on defence, they may already be a lost cause

    by the commentator - 15 April 2015
  • Farage_nhs

    Nigel Farage speaks inconvenient truths about the NHS

    Many found Nigel Farage's intervention about the NHS and HIV to be crass. Perhaps it was. But his underlying argument shows a far more profound understanding of our creaking National Health Service than any of the other parties which, rather pathetically, continue to play politically correct games with it

    by Vincent Cooper - 10 April 2015
  • Immigration_latest

    Immigration should not be a toxic Issue

    Recent immigration figures show the futility of efforts for a sensible and ethical immigration policy while we are still members of the EU. What principle of justice prioritises Europeans over Indians and Canadians? None. It's just bigotry

    by Alan Murad -  5 March 2015
  • Sajid_javid

    Time for a bit of ideology in UK politics

    Sajid Javid’s appreciation of Ayn Rand is good news for UK politics. He is taken by the struggle between individualism and collectivism, and supports the morally superior side. One day, he'd make a great Tory leader

    by Andrew Gibson - 20 January 2015
  • Polski_sklep

    Why as a Pole I back UKIP immigration policy

    As an immigrant from Poland, the reason why I support UKIP's immigration policy is that it is very much in my interests. It is far more nuanced and intelligent than the other parties' approach. It should be embraced by all

    by Tomasz Zajaczkowski - 13 January 2015
  • Pegida

    The Immigrant economy and the end of Europe

    Germany is leading the way in attempting to flood the EU with poverty stricken immigrants to compensate for economic failure. Don't blame those immigrants, but do blame the blinkered, politically correct politicians destroying Europe

    by Vincent Cooper -  3 January 2015
  • Sadiq_khan

    Tooting View: Labour's Sadiq Khan should run for Mayor

    Sadiq Khan would make a great Labour candidate for the Mayor of London. He should drop his fight for Tooting at the general election, and leave the constituency to UKIP

    by Przemek Skwirczynski - 14 December 2014
  • Alan-sked-010

    UKIP is now motivated by prejudices against foreigners, gays, and Muslims

    In an exclusive article, UKIP’s founder Alan Sked says The EU, it turns out, is as intellectually bankrupt as Nigel Farage. Indeed, it positively deserves him. He is its mirror image

    by Alan Sked - 12 December 2014
  • Pope_and_ukip

    Tooting View: UKIP becoming the party for Catholics

    The Catholic vote used to be Labour territory. But UKIP -- with the backing of one in seven UK Catholics -- is encroaching here as in so many areas. We have a Eurosceptic Pope, and people are taking note

    by Przemek Skwirczynski -  1 December 2014