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    UN guilt and Hamas war crimes

    Even the UN has now admitted that its buildings and schools were used by Hamas to fire rockets at Israeli civilians during last year's Gaza operation. But the mainstream media and many UN institutions like UNRWA still play a very dishonest game against Israel, and in favour of terrorists

    by Michael Curtis -  2 May 2015
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    UNRWA and Middle East peace

    The United Nations Relief and Works Agency has long outstayed its welcome. It would be more productive for genuine peace in the region if the office of the High Commissioner for Refugees took over the function of assisting the Palestinians

    by Michael Curtis - 21 January 2014
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    Jews from Muslim lands: The forgotten refugees of 1948

    June 20th was World Refugee Day, but a group of refugees rarely acknowledged is the Jews who were indigenous to Muslim lands

    by Noah Beck - 28 June 2013
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    Does the United Nations treat all refugees equally?

    There are multiple UN agencies safeguarding the rights of refugees the world over - but the funding and staffing of one agency perhaps tells us about the institutional UN bias towards one people... doesn't it?

    by Media Hawk - 23 April 2013
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    Myths and realities: Israel and the refugee problem

    The Arab world committed crimes against 850,000 Arab-Jewish refugees and continues to commit crimes against 5,000,000 downtrodden Palestinian pawns

    by Adam Mallerman - 13 September 2012


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