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  • Jerusalem

    A smart move, a just move: Trump recognises Jerusalem

    President Donald Trump on Wednesday recognised that the Eiffel Tower is in Paris, that the Pope is indeed a Catholic, and that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel. Rumour has it that he will soon break precedent with world leaders everywhere and declare that the square root of nine is three

    by the commentator -  7 December 2017
  • Women

    The inequality of women

    It is easy to sigh, and to put it down to moaning, but the reality is that women continue to face mass discrimination in many sectors. All sides of the political spectrum need to rethink this matter, and strike out for justice

    by Michael Curtis -  4 July 2017
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    Bravo Britain for slamming Obama over Israel

    Britain, to the fury of the lame-duck Obama administration, has called out John Kerry for his wishy washy approach to terrorism against Israel. This is an important move, and we should applaud it, for all our sakes

    by the commentator - 30 December 2016
  • Nablus

    Guardian descends into bizarre anti-Israeli dreamland...literally

    The Guardian's hate campaign against Israel has been in full swing for a decade and a half. But where do you go once all your bigotry has been refuted? Bizarrely, this is where: the Guardian has run an op-ed by a priest having a dream about Israeli "apartheid". No kidding!

    by Westminster shrink - 31 May 2015
  • Jerusalem_at_night_latest

    The Times: Confused, garbled and pointless on Israel

    The Times of London's confused, yet high handed, editorial on Israel is a sad but useful reminder of why Britain has absolutely nothing to contribute in bringing peace and a viable future to Israel, or indeed the wider Middle East

    by MidEast watcher -  9 March 2015
  • Miliband_and_bibi

    Labour has lost me, as it has lost the plot over Israel

    Actress Maureen Lipman has been a life-long Labour supporter. But the party's breathtaking hypocrisy and generally shameful behaviour regarding Israel means she won't be voting Labour at the 2015 elections

    by Maureen Lipman - 26 November 2014
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    A female role model of humanity in Israel

    In stark contrast to the horrors of Boko Haram, Israel's Dr Rania Okby is a wonderful example of how women should be treated and what is likely to be the consequent female contribution to humanity

    by Michael Curtis - 11 May 2014