• Why Britain should leave the EU's Single Market

    25 SEP 2018

    The EU's Single Market started out as a sensible idea in a bi-polar world divided between the Soviet bloc and the West. But the world became global and the Single Market became a political project for big business and Brussels power grabbers. It is an obsolete idea, and Britain will be far better off running its own global trade policy as a sovereign nation, says John Redwood MP


  • Politically correct Britain: Hysteria over DUP gay marriage stance but free pass for Corbyn who befriended Islamist gay killers

    11 JUN 2017

    The BBC and Sky NEWS are all over the Tories for a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party which opposes gay marriage. Corbyn gets a free pass having befriended Islamist terror groups which murder gays as heretics. Welcome to the insanity of politically correct Britain


  • Forget opinion polls. Why GE2017 result will be Con 43 pct to Labour 35 pct

    8 JUN 2017

    Forget the opinion polls. The best guide to today's general election is what happened just two years ago in 2015. Use that as your base, then add in the extra votes that the Tories and Labour will get from other sources, and you get Con 43 to Lab 35


  • Scrap the House of Lords regardless of Brexit vote

    26 FEB 2017

    UPDATE: As we have seen this week, unelected, impudent cronies continue to try to thwart democracy. The House of Lords is an open sewer of corruption at the heart of Britain's national public life. Now these scoundrels want to overturn the popular will as expressed in the Brexit vote. Regardless of the way it goes on Brexit, the Lords should be scrapped without delay


  • Anti-democratic forces in US follow anti-Brexit lead, trying to overturn Trump victory

    12 NOV 2016

    Millions in America have been signing a petition to overturn Trump's victory and put Hillary in the White House. Millions in Britain signed a petition to ignore the Brexit vote. New battle lines have been drawn in the West: those for democracy and those against it. Fight for democracy now


  • Let's face it. Rio Olympic success is down to Brexit

    17 AUG 2016

    It's a Brexit medals fest for Britain in Rio. The next closest European nation, Germany, has a mere 26 medals, not far short of half the British total. And no wonder. How inspired can their athletes be knowing they're doing it all for Jean-Claude Drunker?


  • Project Fear now totally exposed as economy booms

    21 JUL 2016

    The establishment non-entities who predicted that Brexit would cause immediate harm to the economy have egg all over their faces as new data comes in and the Bank of England back tracks. Thank goodness the majority of Brits ignored these losers


  • Mass US/UK corruption over HSBC explains Trump's/populists' rise

    12 JUL 2016

    The extraordinary complicity of the UK and US authorities in HSBC's Iran sanction busting, and money laundering for Mexican and Colombian drug cartels explains why people are turning to Trump and similar populists across the democratic world


  • Why latest poll putting Remain just ahead is good news for Brexit

    21 JUN 2016

    Remain would be very unwise to take comfort from the very latest phone poll giving them a 1 point lead. They need much more than that to win. Brexiteers should be cautiously optimistic right now. Here's why...


  • Osborne and Cameron must go on June 24, regardless of Brexit vote

    15 JUN 2016

    Osborne is deliberately trying to spook the markets so that in the remaining days before the EU referendum he can point to the chaos he himself has caused as evidence that all the lying and scaremongering are based in fact. You could even call this treachery. Either way, both he and Cameron now have to go on June 24, regardless of the result, or all the grassroots are going to join UKIP


  • Brexit is about democracy. If Remain wins on June 23, European democracy is over

    17 MAY 2016

    The June 23 referendum comes down to one single, simple (but not simplistic) issue: do you support democracy (in which case you back Brexit) or don't you? The referendum may be Europe's last chance to uphold democratic rule. If Brexit fails, so does democracy in Europe


  • BREAKING: Cameron's massive gaffe in defence of the EU

    14 MAY 2016

    UPDATE BELOW: In saying today that the June 23 EU referendum is much more important than a UK general election, David Cameron has unwittingly admitted that our national democracy is fatally compromised by being part of the EU. The mask has finally slipped


  • EU Remain campaign says household pets could die in event of Brexit

    20 APR 2016

    Citing the example of Greenland, where dogs and cats were wiped out by a virus after leaving the EEC, the EU Remain campaign has issued a new, dire warning about the consequences of Brexit


  • Should Brexiters respond in kind to Remain's mad claims? 5K better off a year anyone?

    18 APR 2016

    UPDATE BELOW: The Remain campaign is totally unscrupulous. So let's start a bidding war. Osborne claims Brexit will cost all of us £4,300 a year. So why don't we say we'll be better off by £5,000 a year? 3 million jobs lost if we go? So, 4 million if we stay? It's all bollocks, but they started it. Shall we respond in kind?


  • Corbyn's pro-EU stance is grist to Brexiters mill

    14 APR 2016

    The Brexit camp should thank Jeremy Corbyn for coming out in favour of remaining in the EU. He has clarified 2 things. First, the case for Remain is run by an opportunistic establishment racket; second, it's an ideologically incoherent mess. Go Brexit!