• Obama gets Europe wrong again. Why doesn't he allow free immigration from Mexico and Cuba then?

    24 JUL 2015

    Barack Obama's lectures to Britain on the EU beggar belief. Ok, Barack. How about you have unlimited immigration from Mexico and Cuba, and while you're at it let them make your laws, while you ditch the American Constitution. Fair's fair after all


  • Cameron/Osborne budget ultimate rejection of Thatcherism; begging for approval of Guardian/BBC

    8 JUL 2015

    The Left should rejoice. The Conservative budget has made minor changes to the corporatist system -- which they do not have the mental capacity to acknowledge even exists. But via the "living wage" they have adopted far-Left policies directly from Ed Miliband. Shallow opportunists the lot of them. Maggie turns in her grave...


  • As even Guardian disowns it, British PM Cameron now isolated Leftist extremist on "not Islam" narrative over terrorism

    2 JUL 2015

    The Guardian has applauded the BBC for rejecting isolated Left-extremist narrative from Prime Minister Cameron that we shouldn't call Islamic State, er, "Islamic State" because it might offend Muslims. Cameron isn't the brightest star in the sky. His advisors are Left-leaning imbeciles


  • Lunatic EU president Jean-Claude Juncker trashes Greece at critical moment

    29 JUN 2015

    That European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker despises democracy is not a secret. But his lunatic-level attacks on Greece, right at the critical moment, make you wonder whether he and his "elite" friends are on a mission to destroy the EU. Who needs Eurosceptic enemies, when you have EU friends like that?


  • Hairy Canary has it all: Greece referendum sends Europhiles berserk

    27 JUN 2015

    The Greek plan to have a referendum on the EU/IMF bailout austerity package is both tragic and hilarious at the same time. The Greek commie government is ful of losers. But the EU is packed full of losers too, who just can't admit to the disastrous error of the entire integrationist project. Meanwhile the BBC is in nervous breakdown mode; bank runs threaten


  • Guardian descends into bizarre anti-Israeli dreamland...literally

    31 MAY 2015

    The Guardian's hate campaign against Israel has been in full swing for a decade and a half. But where do you go once all your bigotry has been refuted? Bizarrely, this is where: the Guardian has run an op-ed by a priest having a dream about Israeli "apartheid". No kidding!


  • Mad Gerard Depardieu now ready to "die" for Russia

    26 MAY 2015

    Mad as a hatter French superstar Gerard Depardieu, who says he can drink 14 bottles of wine in a day, may be taking his status as a tax exile too far. He now says he is ready to die for Mother Russia


  • Rant Alert: Yes, shut down the unreformable far-Left BBC

    12 MAY 2015

    The BBC and its allies are getting wet underpants at a Conservative victory in the UK general election. But don't start claiming they're the voice of the nation, when the BBC is a unreformable cultural-Marxist relic. And Brits have to pay for the propaganda by law! No more. Let's rant against the BBC!


  • The LIbDems will never recover, because there are too many Lefties knocking around

    8 MAY 2015

    Yes, we all know that a protest party is going to lose out if they go into government. But the real reason the LibDems got slaughtered is because there are too many alternatives for Lefties to vote for: Green, SNP, Plaid, and Labour. This isn't going to change, meaning the wipeout is permanent


  • Cameron won leaders' discussion, Miliband got slaughtered, but where was Farage?

    30 APR 2015

    No doubt Cameron won the battle for credibility in Thursday's half-baked leaders' discussion. He did very well, and Milband was so bad it was almost funny. He blew it, and may never recover from the Yorkshire drubbing. But where the heck was Nigel Farage?


  • Ignore the dissembling, Labour would definitely govern with the SNP

    19 APR 2015

    Why is there even any doubt about it? Of course, Ed Miliband would accept SNP support to get into Number 10. After all, he stabbed his own brother in the back to get a shot at it. You really think he'd hesitate if the electoral maths allowed it after May 7?


  • Why BBC audiences are always Left-wing

    17 APR 2015

    The groupthink of the BBC and wider media/political establishment means they find it impossible to understand what the wider public thinks or why their views should be represented. That's what Nigel Farage was on about over the biased BBC audience in Thursday's debate. He was absolutely right


  • UKIP manifesto: The Guardian can't stop lying

    16 APR 2015

    The Guardian knows full well that it's lying about UKIP and immigration, but the prejudices of their core readership demand a dishonest smear, so a dishonest smear is what they are given. Yes, UKIP wants us to be like neo-fascist, er, Australia!


  • The Times: Confused, garbled and pointless on Israel

    9 MAR 2015

    The Times of London's confused, yet high handed, editorial on Israel is a sad but useful reminder of why Britain has absolutely nothing to contribute in bringing peace and a viable future to Israel, or indeed the wider Middle East


  • Cameron will be a lamb to the slaughter if he shirks televised debates

    6 MAR 2015

    Ed Miliband is running a campaign of blatant vote buying. He offers everything to everyone. But his reckless populism won't be exposed unless Cameron drops this insane reluctance to get involved in leadership debates. Grow some cojones Dave!