• How Theresa May has damaged Britain and America’s special relationship

    17 MAY 2019

    Matt Snape argues that for the sake of the UK/US Special Relationship, Theresa May should resign before the President's State visit.


  • Interview with BBC Question Time Tory, Emily Hewertson

    15 MAY 2019

    Emily Hewertson spoke truth to power on last week's Question Time. Now she is speaking exclusively to The Commentator.


  • How Boris pulled a Nixon, and nobody realised

    30 APR 2019

    As the local election campaign enters its final days, Matt Snape argues that Boris Johnson is winning the shadow campaign for the Tory leadership by following tactics straight out of the Richard Nixon Playbook.


  • Gove gets a failing grade on education

    29 APR 2019

    Cllr. Dr. Peter Hill argues that Michael Gove gets poor marks for his time in office and must not be allowed to graduate to greater office, where he could sow the seeds of even more chaos.


  • Conservatives must find their Great Communicator

    23 APR 2019

    Elizabeth Anderson thinks that it is time for politicians to speak the same language as the electorate and capture their imaginations, whilst doing it.


  • Stephen Lawrence Day: The Stephen I Knew

    22 APR 2019

    26 years on from the brutal murder of 18 year old Stephen Lawrence, his friend, Duwayne Brooks speaks out on his memories of Stephen and why the legacy of what happened must never be forgotten.


  • Brexit Means Brexit; Local Means Local

    18 APR 2019

    Matt Snape argues that should we have to contest the European Parliament elections, that is the proper outlet for voters to express their frustration at the Westminster elite. Good local councillors should not be punished for the incompetence of bad MPs.


  • The Emerging Populist Majority

    27 MAR 2019

    Europe finds itself at crossroads as elections for the European Parliament approach. Patrick Sullivan looks at how the surge in support for Populist Parties could change the EU.


  • May's Brexit deal won't pass, so let's think past it

    27 NOV 2018

    Theresa May's dreadful deal with the EU won't pass in parliament so now is the time to prepare for a full free trade agreement and test the EU's seriousness. And remember, "no deal" is still a great deal for Britain


  • Beware the EU's "Fifth Freedom"

    16 NOV 2018

    You may not have heard of the "Fifth Freedom", the EU's attempt to get control of our data. Despite all the difficulties, it is another reason we must get out of the EU as soon as possible


  • Brexit and CO2: The BBC, news, and propaganda

    6 NOV 2018

    The BBC has two campaigns running. One is to explain why the Remain campaign was really right and should not have lost. The other is to stress the need to cut back on CO2. No wonder the public, which pays for the BBC through taxes, is now deeply cynical about mainstream media's claims to impartiality


  • Why Britain should leave the EU's Single Market

    25 SEP 2018

    The EU's Single Market started out as a sensible idea in a bi-polar world divided between the Soviet bloc and the West. But the world became global and the Single Market became a political project for big business and Brussels power grabbers. It is an obsolete idea, and Britain will be far better off running its own global trade policy as a sovereign nation, says John Redwood MP


  • Politically correct Britain: Hysteria over DUP gay marriage stance but free pass for Corbyn who befriended Islamist gay killers

    11 JUN 2017

    The BBC and Sky NEWS are all over the Tories for a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party which opposes gay marriage. Corbyn gets a free pass having befriended Islamist terror groups which murder gays as heretics. Welcome to the insanity of politically correct Britain


  • Forget opinion polls. Why GE2017 result will be Con 43 pct to Labour 35 pct

    8 JUN 2017

    Forget the opinion polls. The best guide to today's general election is what happened just two years ago in 2015. Use that as your base, then add in the extra votes that the Tories and Labour will get from other sources, and you get Con 43 to Lab 35


  • Scrap the House of Lords regardless of Brexit vote

    26 FEB 2017

    UPDATE: As we have seen this week, unelected, impudent cronies continue to try to thwart democracy. The House of Lords is an open sewer of corruption at the heart of Britain's national public life. Now these scoundrels want to overturn the popular will as expressed in the Brexit vote. Regardless of the way it goes on Brexit, the Lords should be scrapped without delay