Articles by Alan Murad

Research Executive at Get Britain Out, a campaign that is opposed to Britain's membership of the EU

  • Container_ship

    Declining EU is overrated as a trading power

    Trade figures show we do more and more business outside the EU, which, for Britain, is a declining asset. Despite what we are being told by the mainstream media, and a political establishment intoxicated by visions of a federal Europe, the EU is not the future. It is the past

    by Alan Murad - 23 July 2015
  • Cameron_uk_and_eu_flag

    UK's success means EU contributions rise by over £3 billion

    It is clear the EU has very little interest in David Cameron’s renegotiation process, as they are far more concerned with saving the Eurozone. Meanwhile, Brussels keeps punishing Britain for its economic success, demanding soaring contributions. It's time to get Britain out

    by Alan Murad - 10 July 2015
  • Cameron_and_juncker

    Brussels to Mothers: Get Back to Work!

    As if the EU didn't have other things to worry about -- the potential collapse of the euro being just one of them -- their latest bright idea to alienate Britain is a preposterous and arrogant instruction to do more to get mothers to go to work

    by Alan Murad - 28 June 2015
  • Brussels_gravy_train

    EU budget increases reek of a telling hypocrisy

    If David Cameron wants to pursuade Britons he can get a decent renegotiation, perhaps he can explain why his previous boasts to have got the EU budget under control have come to nothing? It's a gravy train, and we've got to get off

    by Alan Murad - 31 May 2015
  • Cameron_in_latvia

    Get Britain out of EU? Fight them on the beaches

    The Queen's Speech started a historic battle for the future of Britain. Whatever Mr. Cameron says, the EU will never allow us to have our democracy back. Let's get real and get Britain out. Ready, steady, Go!

    by Alan Murad - 27 May 2015
  • Brexit_flags

    "We Can’t Leave the EU” myth debunked

    It is not surprising that many people are cynical about the EU and whether it might respect an Out vote by Britain in a referendum. But it is just a myth that the Lisbon Treaty would prevent us from doing so. Rest assured, we can, and should

    by Alan Murad - 22 May 2015
  • Juncker_buffoon

    What happened to true Euroscepticism?

    Extending the period before EU migrants can claim benefits, and abolishing child benefit for offspring living in other EU countries are not serious strategies to calm concerns in Britain against our EU membership. We have to get Britain out. But who to vote for this election?

    by Alan Murad -  3 May 2015
  • Tampons

    Of UKIP, Tories and the EU's tampon tax

    Astoundingly, but tellingly, the male dominated EU bureaucracy thinks of tampons as a luxury item. In any event, the famous tampon tax can't be abolished unless we quit the EU, which we should do as soon as possible

    by Alan Murad - 15 April 2015
  • Jean-claude-juncker_playing_the_fool

    Juncker's programme to demolish Britain

    The EU sees every crisis as an opportunity to advance their main aim -- a United States of Europe. Jean-Claude Juncker's so-called Work Programme is just another hypocritical plan to abolish sovereignty. We need to get Britain out as soon as possible

    by Alan Murad -  2 April 2015
  • British_soldiers

    An EU Army: a tragedy for our armed forces

    It becomes ever clearer why our armed forces are being cut to the bone. If we are heading to a federal Europe, we are going to get a European defence force, however useless it may be. Our only option is to get Britain out of the EU before it's too late

    by Alan Murad - 10 March 2015
  • Immigration_latest

    Immigration should not be a toxic Issue

    Recent immigration figures show the futility of efforts for a sensible and ethical immigration policy while we are still members of the EU. What principle of justice prioritises Europeans over Indians and Canadians? None. It's just bigotry

    by Alan Murad -  5 March 2015
  • Putin_and_juncker

    Putin is a nightmare, but the EU is making matters worse

    The brutal murder of Boris Nemtsov reminds us of just how different British and Russian political values are. This, however, does not mean we should allow the EU to stir up geopolitical and other problems we just don't need. Britain would be far better making its own Russia policy, not being a slave to Brussels

    by Alan Murad -  3 March 2015
  • Hague

    British government stifles EU debate. Frit?

    The reasons the government is giving for blanking out debate on the EU in the run-up to the general election are frankly absurd. Why are they running away from this huge issue? Maggie had a word: Frit....

    by Alan Murad - 22 February 2015
  • Eu_commission_building

    An ideal EU? Not likely

    Business for Britain thinks it has a blueprint for Britain inside a reformed EU. But, like David Cameron, they don't understand that it is the whole EU model that needs abolishing. Nothing less will really mean anything

    by Alan Murad - 17 February 2015
  • Juncker_small_business

    EU in latest disastrous move to destroy small businesses

    Yet again, the European Union has blundered into legislation which will make life for small businesses a nightmare. This time it's the turn of online business to be clobbered, and then strangled in growth and innovation destroying red tape. We've got to get Britain out

    by Alan Murad - 15 January 2015