Articles by Alex Wild

  • Wind_farm

    The great green energy tax swindle

    It seems that MPs don’t mind pricing poorer people out of heating their homes so rich people in London can feel good about saving the planet

    by Alex Wild -  5 July 2013
  • Mats

    Scrap the Beer Duty Escalator

    There are many radical reforms which should be announced to fix Britain’s broken tax system next month. Scrapping the despised and damaging beer duty escalator should be right up there

    by Alex Wild - 28 February 2013
  • Jane-pilgrim_2021621c

    The farce of union pilgrims

    The Government’s own estimates indicate that if the amount of public sector facility time was reduced to levels in line with the private sector, 2,172 staff could return to work and actually do the jobs taxpayers are paying them to do. This is hardly an unreasonable request

    by Alex Wild - 31 October 2012