Articles by Alexander Fluza

Research Executive, Get Britain Out

  • Farron_and_clegg

    This election could finish off the hardcore Europhiles

    All over Britain, one of the few things that we can be pretty confident of in Thursday's elections is that Remain-friendly candidates are in for a pasting. Eurofanatical Lib Dems and Greens in particular face humiliation. And wouldn't it be marvellous if Nick Clegg lost his seat? Watch this space...

    by Alexander Fluza -  7 June 2017
  • Interrail_intro_angeloscense

    Project Fear Alert: Brexit won't harm the young

    Rump Remain is composed of a sad and desperate bunch who still cannot deal with the referendum result without resort to scare tactics. They say the young will suffer badly after Brexit, but sober analysis shows they stand to gain as much as anyone else

    by Alexander Fluza -  1 June 2017