Articles by Charles Crawford

Charles Crawford is a former British Ambassador in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Warsaw, he is now a private consultant and writer: He tweets @charlescrawford

  • Barcelona

    FAQs on Catalonia, Scotland and separatism generally

    It’s a serious, responsible business being a state. You can't just declare independence unless your own people and other states think you are legitimate. Former UK Ambassador Charles Crawford answers all the key questions about Catalonia and separatism around the world from Crimea to Kosovo and Scotland

    by Charles Crawford - 19 October 2017
  • Patriot-gallery-thumb

    The case for missile defence

    In the 1964 movie Dr Strangelove, theories of nuclear deterrence were darkly satirised. Today, it makes absolute sense for the United States to develop missile defence systems to protect itself from erratic regimes

    by Charles Crawford - 21 September 2017
  • Cameron_latest

    UK Votes Leave! Prime Minister Cameron’s Speech?

    Former British Ambassador Charles Crawford reveals David Cameron's speech to the nation if, as the polls now suggest, Britain votes to leave the EU next week

    by Charles Crawford - 18 June 2016
  • Trident_submarine

    Brexit to death? UK security at risk? Really?

    It seems highly unlikely that Brexit would harm Britain's national security, though we must do it in a sensible manner. Much of the noise in Europe is the familiar scaremongering

    by Charles Crawford - 29 March 2016
  • Cameron_and_tusk

    A gruelling UK/EU settlement

    David Cameron's negotiations with Brussels on reforming Britain's relationship with the EU amount to a footling, if not embarrassing, pile of not much, says former British ambassador Charles Crawford

    by Charles Crawford -  3 February 2016
  • Old_city_warsaw

    Brussels v Poland: How not to do diplomacy

    There's a right old spat in progress between the EU and Poland, with the Polish Justice Minister flinging Nazi analogies at Brussels. The Eurocrats have gone ballistic, but their rantings against Poland's government were bound to provoke a reaction

    by Charles Crawford - 13 January 2016
  • Obama_putin_latest

    Obama v Putin -- a New Realism?

    As always, President Obama tiptoes around violent contradictions in today’s Islam. Indeed, his speech on Syria showed a confused mind on many things, while President Putin was sharper and more focused. Yet, strangely, it might all coalesce into a deal

    by Charles Crawford - 30 September 2015
  • Migrants_at_hungarian_border

    Open Borders? Meet national Identity

    Migration crisis? Not good. Rapidly getting worse. Maybe World War Three starts not because one country grabs another’s land, but because in too many places simultaneously international borders just start to melt?

    by Charles Crawford - 16 September 2015
  • Women_on_the_tube

    Totalitarian training in (wimmin's) unenlightened anxiety

    The idea of women's only carriages is a product of the anti-Enlightenment, totalitarian mind. As usual, it is also a product of garbage-level social analysis. Which probably explains why so many Guardianistas are in thrall to it

    by Charles Crawford - 28 August 2015
  • Grima_wormtongue

    H Clinton and J Corbyn: The fine old art of dissembling

    Hillary Clinton and far-Left Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn may not seem to have much in common. But one thing they share is the capacity to engage in outright dissembling to worm their way out of revelations about their behaviour

    by Charles Crawford - 22 August 2015
  • Corbyn_hands_raised

    Jeremy Corbyn’s Magical Mystery Tour

    If the Labour Party chooses Corbyn as leader, it will be a power-play by the worst collectivists in our society to poison the well of intelligent public thought in favour of something little better than witchcraft. It all mirrors the "developed stagnation" of the late Soviet era

    by Charles Crawford - 17 August 2015
  • Greek_flag_and_eu_flag

    Greece, money and morality

    If the Greek government were sane it would leave the Eurozone, suspend its membership of the EU, and invite in experts from Hong Kong to produce a monster package of reforms to make it the most open and least corrupt economy in the West. if that's fantasy, the reality is far more improbable

    by Charles Crawford -  4 July 2015
  • Clint

    Ed Miliband: Not Clint Eastwood

    Clint Eastwood would have made everyone's day if Ed Miliband hadn't done it all for us. Miliband’s basic and eventually ruinous problem was that he knew nothing much about the real world beyond pampered Left-progressive policy wonkery and London middle class socialism

    by Charles Crawford - 11 May 2015
  • Putin_speech_2014

    Putin’s Great Patriotic War Commemoration Speech - Leaked?

    Former British Ambassador Charles Crawford offers his version of a (leaked?) forthcoming landmark speech by Vladimir Putin in which Russia's leader comes clean about Stalin's real role in the Second World War, and in so doing salutes truth and memory in a radical break from the past

    by Charles Crawford - 28 April 2015
  • Gordon_gekko

    Who’s greedy, and why?

    By one interesting measure, it turns out that the alleged greed of workers gets more attention than that of bankers. But have you really thought about what greed means? Try answering these teasers from former UK ambassador Charles Crawford

    by Charles Crawford -  7 April 2015