Articles by Chris Carter

Chris Carter is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

  • Heathrow

    Brexit makes airport expansion essential

    Theresa May must be both brave and bold to ensure Brexit is a success. Expanding the UK’s airport capacity is a vital first step for Brexit Britain, and essential for proving why we were right to Get Britain Out of the EU

    by Chris Carter - 24 October 2016
  • Container_ship

    Through greater trade we can have a greater Britain

    Brexit will enable the UK to throw off the EU shackles. The increasing demand for British goods and services from Commonwealth nations has the potential to boost the UK economy for years to come. As the EU continues to decline, British exporters should be licking their lips at the prospect of a Brexit bonanza

    by Chris Carter - 20 August 2016
  • Aid

    Britain’s Foreign Aid Squandered by the EU

    As with almost everything the EU touches, the level of incompetence with which the EU uses its foreign aid foreign aid budget is staggering, and more than a little bit frightening. It's another reason to get Britain out on June 23

    by Chris Carter - 20 May 2016
  • Farmers

    British farmers will fare best from Brexit

    British farmers are being ripped off by the EU. Project Fear is trying to scare farmers, and everyone else, into thinking it will all go to pot if we Brexit. It won't. A brighter, more prosperous future awaits, which is why we must get Britain out

    by Chris Carter -  8 April 2016
  • Container_ship

    Trade figures prove Britain’s future lies outside the EU

    The latest trade figures show that Britain's future lies firmly outside the EU. Brussels is more dependent than ever on the British market, and this exposes Europhile scaremongering about our ability to cut a good deal when we Brexit, which we should do as soon as possible

    by Chris Carter - 15 February 2016
  • Greek_and_eu_flags

    Greece is the sacrificial lamb of the EU once again

    Now that Angela Merkel and the European Commission have created the mother of all crises over refugees, they're out to punish Greece, making the country the sacrifical lamb for their own incompetence. Let's get Britain out of this mess as soon as possible

    by Chris Carter -  5 February 2016
  • Merkel_cheering

    Time will not prove as kind to Angela Merkel

    Time Magazine has named Angela Merkel Person of the Year. She's certainly been Europe's lead actor. But her European policies, in the long term, may well destroy the EU, and add more thunder to those calling for Britain to leave

    by Chris Carter - 12 December 2015
  • Jean-claude-juncker1

    Age of Austerity? EU doesn't know what it means!

    The EU can only drive bindfold towards a single destination: the Federal United States of Europe. The latest increase in the EU budget is another reason to get Britain out as soon as possible

    by Chris Carter - 30 November 2015
  • Tsipras_latest

    Germany stirs political turmoil in Greece... again!

    The appalling attacks on Greek democracy by the German-led EU are a stark illustration of precisely why we need to get Britain out as soon as possible

    by Chris Carter -  4 September 2015
  • Merkel_and_schauble

    Germany: The dominating puppet-master of Europe

    Under German leadership, the EU has become an aggressive beast, no longer willing to try and secure agreements through concessions and negotiations. This authoritarian logic is inherent in a modern European project now clearly run by Germans

    by Chris Carter - 12 August 2015
  • Lynton-crosby-010

    Lynton Crosby's poll is a headache for Cameron

    Lynton Crosby, mastermind of the Tory election victory, recently presented a secret poll to David Cameron on why and how he won. Key findings on the public's concerns about the EU and immigration will haunt the Prime Minister in his vain efforts for a substantial renegotiation with Brussels

    by Chris Carter -  4 August 2015
  • Greek-democracy-symbol

    EU tyranny finally crushes the birthplace of democracy

    The big lesson the EU has "learned" from the Greek crisis is that the democratic will of the people must be suppressed even further. As Brussels crushes democracy in its birthplace, the seeds of a neo-authoritarian superstate have been definitevely sown

    by Chris Carter - 14 July 2015
  • Greek_celebrations

    Greece's brave choice -- “OXI” to the tyrannical EU

    We in Britain will soon be facing our In/Out referendum. Let the Greeks inspire us to fight to get Britain out of the tyrannical EU

    by Chris Carter -  7 July 2015
  • Athens_on_fire

    Vicious EU will let Athens burn for failed Euro dystopia

    As the EU's neo-authoritarian clown in chief Jean-Claude Juncker intimidates Greece for the cheek of consulting the people, it's now clear Brussels will burn Athens to the ground rather than admit their disastrous mistake of creating the dystopian Eurozone

    by Chris Carter -  3 July 2015
  • Big_ben

    EU wants control over our holiday snaps, amazingly enough

    Astounding as it may sound, the EU is considering proposals which could ban people from taking photos of iconic landmarks, such as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower, without copyright permission. The real motivation is an oppressive attack on social media

    by Chris Carter -  1 July 2015