Articles by Clare George-Hilley

Clare George-Hilley is Director at the Colloquium think tank. Clare George-Hilley is a Contributing Editor to The Commentator. Follow Clare George-Hilley on Twitter: @ClareHilley

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    No Mr Corbyn, the Labour Party is the UK’s worst employer

    As the beleaguered Labour leader launches an outspoken attack on some of Britain’s largest employers, Clare George-Hilley argues that from racism to bullying, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn is by far and away the UK’s worst employer.

    by Clare George-Hilley -  3 December 2019
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    It’s time to stop burying Conservative principles

    By burying the principles of Conservatism over the past decade, our party has allowed itself to be tarnished by the opposition as selfish, greedy, and mean. We need to proudly make a positive case for Conservatism and win the battle of ideas, otherwise we will lose power completely

    by Clare George-Hilley - 23 July 2017
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    Bailing out BHS will only prolong the pain

    The collapse of yet another major British high street retail chain is tragic news for its employers, the economy and shoppers - but artificially extending its lifecycle through taxpayer bungs will only prolong the inevitable.

    by Clare George-Hilley - 25 April 2016
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    International Women's Day: We can Brexit

    Today’s celebrations are about the achievements of women all over the world. In many cases, these liberties and successes have been hard fought against incredible odds. Our next big challenge is to get Britain building a brighter, global future. With one voice it’s time to say “We can Brexit!”

    by Clare George-Hilley -  8 March 2016
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    Don’t be spooked by Remain Campaign’s EU scare stories

    The desperation and horror stories currently being peddled by the Remain campaign will only make the case for Brexit stronger. Britain is a proud nation that is ready to stand on its own two feet by rejecting the political experiment that is the EU

    by Clare George-Hilley - 28 February 2016
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    We have winning ingredients for The Great British Brexit

    The Prime Minister has returned from Brussels with a half-baked deal which underlines the case for Britain taking control and leaving the European Union. But that can only happen with the full backing of maverick Cabinet members, think tanks and a united grassroots movement, says Clare George-Hilley

    by Clare George-Hilley - 21 February 2016
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    INSTANT VIEW: Will UK let Putin get away with murder?

    The murder on the streets of London of Alexander Litvinenko, an opponent of Vladimir Putin, marks a break-point for the UK. Putin has been named as the instigator. We can't let Putin get away with it and still retain our core values as a nation

    by Clare George-Hilley - 21 January 2016
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    Osborne chooses to build: Brits are the winners

    George Osborne has elevated "builder's bum" to the level of a leadership challenge. We need more houses, and builders' bums, says Clare George-Hilley

    by Clare George-Hilley - 25 November 2015
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    We either destroy Islamic State or die

    Like the rise of the Nazis, the Islamic State is a manifestation of pure human evil that we have a moral duty to destroy. Since the sabotaged Syria vote, courtesy of Ed Miliband and his Labour colleagues, Britain has become a spectator sitting by and watching wickedness and savagery beyond belief. This must change

    by Clare George-Hilley - 22 November 2015
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    Cameron campaign against Islamic extremism is long overdue

    Prime Minister David Cameron has announced new measures to crack down on Islamic extremism at home and abroad. For far too long, political correctness has allowed this wicked ideology to flourish. Cameron's remarks may seem late in the day to some, but he's on the right track at last

    by Clare George-Hilley - 20 July 2015
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    Tunisia attack: Islamic terror families must apologise

    Sadistic, psychotic, and without conscience, the evils of Islamic extremism have been dissembled about for far too long. This appalling terrorism is supported by the wider ideology of Islamofascism which is nurtured inside families. We need to say so loudly and clearly

    by Clare George-Hilley - 26 June 2015
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    Ed Miliband lost because Labour doesn’t understand Britain

    Labour's worst result in decades wasn’t due to Murdoch or the bacon sandwich or Lynton Crosby or even Ed Miliband. It was the party’s total detachment from the values that make Britain such a prosperous and wonderful country. And the Russell Brand fiasco was the icing on a rotten cake

    by Clare George-Hilley -  8 May 2015
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    50 shades of Sturgeon: Ed Miliband sleeping with the enemy

    The Labour leader knows deep down that his only route into Number 10 is in the arms of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish National Party. Such an outcome wouldn’t simply put Britain’s international credibly at risk, it would lead to the simultaneous breakup and bankruptcy of our great country. Don’t risk it

    by Clare George-Hilley - 26 April 2015
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    Cameron puts family at the heart of the Conservative campaign

    David Cameron electrifies race for Number 10 with an eye-catching initiative to help hardworking people. His commitment to give 30 hours free childcare to working parents marks a turning point in the campaign, presenting a positive vision for a future Conservative government

    by Clare George-Hilley - 14 April 2015
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    Celebrating International Women’s Day is not enough

    Since 1911 International Women's Day has marked the economic, political and social achievements of women from around the world. But celebration alone is not enough, much more needs to be done to break down the barriers which are holding women back. This year’s theme is ‘make it happen’ and is a fitting reminder that we all have our part to play to tackle injustice and inequality in whatever form it takes, in any part of the world

    by Clare George-Hilley -  8 March 2015