Articles by Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, the free-market, Washington D.C. think tank. His articles are cross-posted on his blog, by agreement.

  • Mumbai_slum

    Free Enterprise: The irresistible anti-poverty strategy

    Where the world has shifted in favour of free enterprise, poverty has seen dramatic falls. The Left has always opposed free enterprise, so what does this tell you about their true priorities? The poor are just canon fodder for their big state ambitions, anyone?

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  4 September 2017
  • Hong_kong

    Inequality, growth, fairness: Not quite what you thought

    All the available evidence shows we should focus on growth and forget about inequality. Yes, some rich people will get richer, but the really great news is that the poor will get richer as well. Put another way, socialism just makes everyone poorer, especially those who are aleady poor

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 31 July 2017
  • People

    Our demographic crisis is actually a policy crisis

    The much talked about demographic crisis in the Western world is real. Just look at the fertility rates in Europe. But the bigger problem is not so much that we are having too few babies as that our bloated state oriented system needs radical reform

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 19 July 2017
  • Statue_of_liberty

    Two concepts of liberty: Real liberty and socialist liberty

    There is a longstanding debate about two concepts of liberty, positive or negative. Positive liberty essentially means that you, or the state, has a right to deprive some people of their property to provide other people with services. But, while many might argue there are good reasons for doing it, this is a false concept of liberty, and we must be clear in saying so

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  6 July 2017
  • Lenin-tomb-red-square-moscow_cs

    The endless failure (but bizarre allure) of socialism

    The pattern is clear, and has been evident for many decades. Socialism is tried. Socialism fails. Socialists claim real socialism was never tried in the first place. The lesson here is that socialists are inaccesible to reason

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 23 June 2017
  • Wall_street

    For prosperity? Against inequality? Choose capitalism

    The historical data represents a crushing blow to the Left. It shows that capitalism has not only raised prosperity for all wherever it has been allowed to flourish, but that it has also cut inequality between the various regions of the world

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 21 May 2017
  • Theresa-may

    Tories must use victory to revolutionise UK economy

    While mad Jeremy Corbyn appears to advocate an Anglo-Saxon version of North Korea, Theresa May needs to use the thumping majority she is likely to get at the election to reduce the state and reinvigorate free market values and practices. A Tory victory is a necessary but not sufficient condition for UK economic success

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 17 May 2017
  • Reagan_tax

    Four key lessons from Ronald Reagan's tax cuts

    From the New York Times to Donald Trump, everyone needs to learn 4 key lessons from Ronald Reagan's tax cuts, which all boil down to this: an economically less instrusive state will boost growth and raise prosperity

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  3 May 2017
  • Trump

    Why Trump's good tax plan is not serious enough

    Slashing the corporate tax rate is a great idea, and Trump's heart is in the right place on tax generally. But if he really wanted a big tax cut, he would have a comprehensive plan to restrain the growth of government spending. He doesn’t. He needs to get more serious

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 27 April 2017
  • French_elections

    Whoever wins French elections, France is in decline

    Among the major countries on the continent, France is the economic sick man of Europe. Le Pen is considered on the right solely because of her immigration policies. Economically, she's is very much on the Left. France shows how bad things get when the state snowballs out of control. The election will likely change nothing

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 22 April 2017
  • Politburo

    Laughing at socialism in theory and practice

    No country has ever become wealthy due to big government, let alone full on statism. But socialist ideologues never give up, despite how ridiculous they make themselves look. The bottom line is that statism is a recipe for stagnation and free markets are a route to prosperity

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 13 April 2017
  • Venezuela-poverty-and-misery-index

    Venezuela, Cuba, N. Korea, and circles of statist hell

    Venezuela is spiralling into the fires of hell. Cuba and North Korea have been there for a long time. Lessons from the former Soviet bloc show the path to freedom and prosperity is paved with effective property rights, low taxes, and free markets

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  6 April 2017
  • Ronald_reagan

    Reagan's lessons for Trump

    Ronald Reagan adopted a bunch of supposedly unpopular policies, yet he got reelected in a landslide because reducing the burden of government allowed the private sector to grow much faster. Will Trump’s reforms be that bold and that brave? Reagan is the example he must emulate to succeed

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  1 April 2017
  • Swamp

    Will Trump drain the swamp or wallow in it?

    Corruption in Washington is a huge issue that people do not take seriously enough. President Trump's supporters demand that he make good on his promise to drain the swamp. But what if he just wallows in it and gargles the muck instead?

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 22 February 2017
  • Statue_of_liberty

    America's diminishing economic liberty

    The United States comes in at an unspectacular number 17 in this year's global economic freedom index. America dropped to its lowest ever position under Obama. The big question now is whether it will go up or even further down under the entirely unpredictable Trump administration

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 16 February 2017