Articles by Daniel J. Mitchell

Daniel J. Mitchell is a Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute, the free-market, Washington D.C. think tank. His articles are cross-posted on his blog, by agreement.

  • Obama-sad-face-998x598

    Obama's dismal but forgettable legacy

    Obama's legacy is dismal. What he did wrong was mainly unoriginal; what he did right was trivial. He was a president consumed with himself. His legacy is entirely forgettable

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 17 January 2017
  • Workers

    Workers of the world do best in free markets

    If you want the best for workers, the evidence shows that unregulated markets make them better off, less likely to face discrimination, and happier overall. The Left opposes free markets because they can't control them, regardless of the benefits for those they claim to speak for

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  5 January 2017
  • Oecd--621x414

    OECD research shows big government harms growth

    The often devious and untrustworthy, left-leaning OECD is a destructive force in the world. But when its economists start looking at the actual data, even they cannot avoid the conclusion that big spending governments harm economic growth, which in turn hurts the poor

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 30 November 2016
  • Tallinn-old-town-toompea

    Is Baltic free-market exceptionalism under threat?

    One key to the Baltic states' relative success is tax policy. All three nations have flat taxes. Estonia’s system is so good (particularly its approach to business taxation) that the Tax Foundation ranks it as the best in the OECD. Statists must not be allowed to ruin it all

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 16 November 2016
  • Milton_friedman

    Trump, May et al must cut government to get growth

    As Trump prepares for power, America, Britain and the whole world must understand that smaller government vastly increases societal wealth for all, as new research shows. Trust in free markets not failed bureaucrats

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 12 November 2016
  • Clinton

    Hillary Clinton’s 38-Year history of sleaze, corruption

    Hillary Clinton has a decades-long pattern of using government for self-advancement and self-enrichment. No wonder people hate the establishment. This is breathtaking

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 30 October 2016
  • Doughnut

    Another episode of Drug War lunacy

    After Orlando police arrested a man for buying a doughnut on the grounds that the sugar glaze on top might have been methamphetamine, it is clear that the war on drugs is getting madder than ever

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  4 September 2016
  • Eu_flag_union_jack

    Nine key takeaways from Brexit

    Margaret Thatcher will be smiling down at the good sense of the British voter. The UK has voted to leave a sinking ship. The future is now bright, and Britons should seize the moment, says Dan Mitchell at the Cato Institute in Washington

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 24 June 2016
  • Flags_latest

    The economic case for Brexit is overwhelming

    A decision to remain in the EU would guarantee a slow, gradual decline. It really isn't smart to link Britain's future to a declining bloc of nations, and the failed, centralising tendencies of Brussels will get much worse if the UK stays. Brexit is the right way to go

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 17 June 2016
  • Playboy

    Playboy's view on Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians

    Do you really know the difference between Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians and Greens? That great bastion of political science, Playboy, has got all the answers. Very funny and very astute

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 14 May 2016
  • Coins

    Milton Friedman, Adam Smith, and other people’s money

    Governments are bad at spending money because they are incentivised to spend it badly. At the societal level, this is why big-government economies make their people poor and small government economies achieve prosperity

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 10 May 2016
  • Cameron's_father

    Panama non-scandal: Three cheers for Cameron's parents

    Nobody has an obligation to overpay the government. Tax avoidance also is moral. Tax codes are corrupt and governments waste money. Good on David Cameron's Mum and Dad for doing what we all do. But not quite so good on Dave himself for rank hypocrisy, and being hoist with his own petard

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 12 April 2016
  • Poverty_venezuela

    Capitalism rules, socialism drools

    Socialism (or statism) always makes people poorer than capitalism. One amazing fact is that statist Venezuela was about three times richer than capitalist South Korea about fifty years ago, but now that ratio is almost reversed. Go figure

    by Daniel J. Mitchell - 11 April 2016
  • Cameron_panama_papers

    The fake controversy over the Panama Papers

    The Panama Papers row is just another chapter in the never-ending war by high-tax governments against tax competition, fiscal sovereignty, and financial privacy. David Cameron should have said as much, rather than appearing shifty as he now does over his family tax affairs

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  8 April 2016
  • Uk_border

    Europe, welfare migration, and hypocrisy

    It is completely understandable that David Cameron wants to limit welfare access of recent immigrants. But the bigger problem is that welfare dependency is a bad thing in itself, whether one is a recent immigrant or a long-standing citizen

    by Daniel J. Mitchell -  9 February 2016