Articles by Daniel Johnson

Daniel Johnson is the editor of Standpoint

  • Roger-bacon

    Is the West worth saving?

    Let the enemies of the West do their worst: one day soon, the lion will roar and the eagle will soar. Wishful thinking? Just remember that the greatest achievements of the West have often emerged from periods of chaos. It ain't over yet

    by Daniel Johnson - 27 December 2014
  • Berlin-guard

    End of communism and the victory of truth over lies

    Of the three categories of relativism moral, cultural and epistemological — it is the last that is most subversive of humanity. Once truth and lies are indistinguishable, it is child's play to excuse the inexcusable. Defeating communism meant defeating lies

    by Daniel Johnson - 11 November 2014
  • Isis-map

    Islamist Blitzkrieg

    Islam is here to stay in Europe. Non-Muslims too must adapt, and we do

    by Daniel Johnson - 16 July 2014
  • Aptopix-mideast-israel-palestinians1-600x400

    A nation through its faith

    It is easy to denigrate democracy while enjoying its benefits as Israel knows all too well. And it seems that Herzl's dream of a Judenstaat, a Jewish state, is still not fully accepted in Europe

    by Daniel Johnson - 27 February 2014
  • P10mandelathatcherafp

    Mandela and Mrs. T

    Although Mandela is an incomparably more important figure than Princess Diana, the process by which the real person is replaced by a fantasy is no more edifying this time

    by Daniel Johnson - 19 December 2013
  • Obama-sad-and-frustrated

    Who's afraid of Barack Obama?

    While no longer accepting any special responsibility on the world stage, Obama pretends that we are all citizens together. Like Hamlet the President soliloquises; he does not act

    by Daniel Johnson -  8 October 2013
  • John-kerry

    Admit It, Mr Kerry: You blundered

    John Kerry’s gaffe has changed the course of history. He is now engaged in a protracted negotiation with the Russians, which may give Assad the time he needs to win the civil war

    by Daniel Johnson - 30 September 2013