Articles by Dexter Van Zile

Dexter Van Zile is Christian Media Analyst at the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America

  • Ibrahim_essa

    A Televangelist for free speech and honesty in Egypt

    A freedom fighter in Egypt is being persecuted for drawing attention to corruption and authoritarianism as well as official acquiescence in the oppression of Christian Copts. But his voice will not be stifled

    by Dexter Van Zile - 22 March 2017
  • Pope_francis

    Pope Francis and sins of omission on jihadism

    As holy and wonderful as he is, Pope Francis is not currently providing the intellectual leadership needed to defend Christianity and its adherents against the onslaught of jihad. We should never tar all Muslims with the same brush, but, in one of the great modern day tragedies, Christians are being driven from their homelands in the Middle East, with little help coming from the West

    by Dexter Van Zile - 25 February 2017
  • Church_of_holy_sepulchre

    Amid the bad news in 2016, 2 miracles for Israel

    The Christian world has a sometimes contradictory relationship with Israel and the Jewish people. For all the problems of 2016, there were some truly positive developments including a potentially landmark book on Christians and Jews

    by Dexter Van Zile - 13 January 2017
  • Al_tayyeb__grand_imam_of_al_azhar_university

    A miracle in Bossey

    After the Holocaust in Europe, Christians started to do the tough work of unpacking the relationship between the New Testament, Christian theology and the history of antisemitism in Western civilization. It is time for scholars at Al Azhar University to start doing the heavy lifting and confront the relationship between Islamic sources and the catastrophe unfolding in the Middle East today

    by Dexter Van Zile - 10 October 2016
  • Hamas-baby

    Palestinian leaders' self interest militates against peace

    The unspoken reality is that Palestinian elites dare not forge real peace with Israel because it will expose them as having wasted the lives of their people for decades to acquire something Israel was always ready to offer anyway

    by Dexter Van Zile -  3 January 2016
  • Israel-palestine

    The NGO campaign against Israel

    Western NGOs routinely violate all pretense of neutrality when they get into Israel-bashing mode. Why do they do it? Old fashioned bigotry is part of it, but it may also be a psychological release related to the real tyrannies whose crimes they ignore

    by Dexter Van Zile - 25 November 2015
  • Fire_at_st._charbel%e2%80%99s_monastery

    The unholy abuse of the Holy Land

    The burning of a Christian church in Bethlehem by suspected Muslim extremists is ignored, while media and pundits persist in old canards about Jews and Christ. It's an unholy mess of bigotry over the Holy Land

    by Dexter Van Zile -  3 October 2015
  • Grand_mufti_and_hitler

    The ghost of the Grand Mufti lives on

    In a recent broadcast on a top-rated Egyptian TV show, viewers were told that Jews attack Egypt by, inter alia, manipulating the weather, causing earthquakes, and firing meteors from outer space. There is a sickness at the heart of a political culture that produces such twisted nonsense

    by Dexter Van Zile - 24 September 2015
  • Unrwa_in_gaza

    Will Chris Gunness ever be held to account?

    The UNRWA's spokesperson is assisting in Hamas's "dead baby strategy". This bias is intolerable and violates UNRWA's own policies on neutrality. When will this outrage be brought to an end?

    by Dexter Van Zile -  4 September 2015
  • World_vision

    World Vision needs to quit anti-Israel battlefield

    World Vision, the Christian charity, has blurred vision when it comes to the Jewish state. Its disgraceful propaganda against Israel is shameful in itself and marks a betrayal of the ideals it claims to uphold

    by Dexter Van Zile - 22 August 2015
  • Church_of_nativity

    Arab Christian leaders: Same old song and dance on Israel

    When one pauses to reflect on what significant Arab Christian leaders have been saying about the problems in the Middle East these past few years, one throws up one's hands in despair. You guessed it. Their real complaint is with Israel

    by Dexter Van Zile -  8 August 2015
  • Omar_misharawi

    A very Moodey retraction of a blood libel against Israel

    The knee-jerk response in some quarters to civilian casualties in fighting between Israel and its terrorist opponents is to blame Israel. The test of their integrity comes when the facts show otherwise, as in the case of a Palestinian boy killed by a Hamas rocket, not "murdered" by Israel as was claimed

    by Dexter Van Zile -  6 August 2015
  • Feature-persecution_520

    World Council of Churches attacks Israel to no gain

    No matter how much the World Council of Churches dumps on Israel, Christians living in the Middle East are still being attacked

    by Dexter Van Zile -  3 June 2013
  • Mideast-egypt-anxious_horo

    What about persecuted Christians?

    The Church of Scotland needs to ask itself why it is ignoring the suffering of Christians (and other religious and ethnic minorities) who are suffering terrible acts of violence outside of the Holy Land

    by Dexter Van Zile -  9 May 2013
  • Pope_tawadros_ii__the_new_pope_of_the_coptic_orthodox_church_casts_his_vote_reuters

    Will we listen to the new Coptic Pope?

    Pope Tawadros, and the flock he leads, need the support of his co-religionists and human rights activists in the West. Will he get it?

    by Dexter Van Zile -  7 February 2013