Articles by Elizabeth Anderson

Elizabeth Anderson joined Parliament Street in 2013. She works for a prestigious charity in central London, and volunteers for charities around her interests, including a charity that supports girls to access education in Africa, the Forever Hounds Trust, and the UK Chagos Support Association.  She led campaigns for Vote Leave in South East London for the 2016 Referendum.  She is a former local primary school governor, and worked for eight years for an Academy Sponsor, and is an Elected Governor for Oxleas NHS Trust.

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    Mainstream Media Biased Against Brexiteers

    Elizabeth Anderson exposes, the offensive and untrue stereotypes, the mainstream media pushs out to their audience, about those who believe in Brexit.

    by Elizabeth Anderson  - 17 February 2019
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    Brexit Britain needs more grammar schools

    Social mobility is a key tenet of Conservatism – the policies of aspiration that allow people to progress, to provide for themselves and their families, to be self-reliant – not propped up by the state.  And for this to happen, we must provide more opportunities for educational excellence. 

    by Elizabeth Anderson  - 22 October 2017