Articles by Eytan Sosnovich

The author is a former analyst in the Bureau of Political Military Affairs at the U.S. State Department

  • Nasser_wanted_the_prize_too

    The Palestine Prize

    In today's Middle East, Arab nationalism has taken a back seat to Islamism, but the goal of regional supremacy remains the same

    by Eytan Sosnovich -  9 February 2014
  • Iranian_nukes

    For a Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act

    The burden of proof is and should be on Iran, not the United States and the international community. The Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act is meant to ensure that this is the case, and that's why we need it

    by Eytan Sosnovich - 16 January 2014
  • Geopolitics

    Collapse of Post-Cold War security establishment

    The world is likely to relent to a Balance of Power system with states opting to balance themselves rather than seek the protection of America. As a result we may not be far off from the horrors of total war that characterize balance of power geopolitics

    by Eytan Sosnovich - 24 December 2013