Articles by George Igler

George Igler is a political analyst in the City of London and the Director of the Discourse Institute

  • Bombings_in_london

    Britain's failed, politically correct counter-terror strategy

    At the anti-terrorism Prevent Strategy's heart lay the cosy conceit that what had motivated the 7/7 bombers was a heretical understanding of Islam rather than a puritanical one. Combined with ongoing multi-culturalism it is hard to see how we're on the path to progress

    by George Igler - 10 July 2015
  • Pastor_james_mcconnell

    Islam, Conservative leaders, and Pastor James McConnell

    Pastor James McConnell's "Satanic Islam" rhetoric may not be everyone's cup of tea. But should he be facing prison for it? Conservative leaders' ridiculous rhetoric that Islam State isn't Islamic is surely more damaging to the future of the West

    by George Igler -  2 July 2015