Articles by James Snell

James Snell is a columnist for the Backbencher

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    The case for intervention in Syria

    In the first of a two-part series, James Snell argues the case for intervention in Syria. Check the Tea Room for Lee Jenkins's counter-argument and leave your comments below, indicating which side you agree with

    by James Snell - 21 February 2013
  • Hitler1

    Nazis of the Left and other corrections

    Nazis, with their statist economic policies and penchant for nationalisation, bear almost no resemblance to modern right-wingers. So why is Hitler still considered to be of the far right?

    by James Snell -  7 February 2013
  • Libertarianism_(11)

    Ukip is not the home for true libertarians

    Libertarians – it’s time to jump ship to a party which can take criticism and will not bend to popular opinion in a desperate bid for unachievable electoral goals

    by James Snell - 25 January 2013


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