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Jeremy Havardi is a journalist and the author of two books, Falling to Pieces, and The Greatest Briton.

  • Chamberlain_munich

    The Iran deal: It's Munich all over again

    In Western diplomacy’s darkest chapter since the Munich agreement, the Iran deal legitimises Iran as a nuclear threshold state and strengthens a regime committed to murdering, terrorising and Islamising its opponents. Hard to see how this deal could be any more foolish or reckless

    by Jeremy Havardi - 16 July 2015
  • Iran-nuclear-weapons-m-25169

    The terrible price of appeasing Iran

    As a consequence of the deal on its nuclear programme, Iran has effectively received international legitimacy as a nuclear threshold state. It remains the world's leading state sponsor of terror, and it will now feel more emboldened than ever. In other words, they've played us like a violin

    by Jeremy Havardi -  4 April 2015
  • Abbas_latest

    The two-state delusion

    The liberal-Left in Britain, and elsewhere, is engaged in willful blindness about Israel's ability to forge a two-state solution. The reality is that it isn't in Israel's gift to bring one about because the Palestinians always reject it. It's time the West woke up

    by Jeremy Havardi - 25 March 2015
  • Churchill

    Winston Churchill. Will we ever see his like again?

    Shamefully, for some ideologues Churchill remains veiled in a fog of negative myth making, often derided as a warmonger, a racist, an unrepentant imperialist and an intransigent enemy of the working class. Such smears say more about the people making them than Churchill

    by Jeremy Havardi - 25 January 2015
  • Pope_and_rabbits

    Pope's tragically mistaken intervention on the jihad

    Pope Francis has captured the hearts of many around the world. But to capture our minds he will have to do better than his de facto apologia for Islamist violence. He has made a tragic error of judgement

    by Jeremy Havardi - 20 January 2015
  • Charlie_candles

    The shameful myth of Charlie Hebdo solidarity

    Our self-censoring politically correct media and politicians believe 'terrorists' emerge from a culture free swamp and only coincidentally imbibe the concepts of their Islamic faith. The shameful truth is that, with very few exceptions, there hasn't been any genuine Charlie Hebdo solidarity. Quite the reverse

    by Jeremy Havardi -  9 January 2015
  • Synagogue_attack

    Western denial on roots of Palestinian slaughter

    Much of Britain's media and political class reverted to shabby, old form after the latest Palestinian terror attack. It was similar in Europe and America. But Israelis are being killed just because they are Jews. It is staggering that the post-Holocaust West doesn't get it

    by Jeremy Havardi - 19 November 2014
  • Hamas_murder

    How the West mocks its own anti-terrorism narrative

    In Hamas, Israel faces a similarly repellent terrorist organisation as Islamic State, imbued with the same level of fanaticism and savagery. But the West refuses to see that reality, making a mockery of its own anti-terrorist narrative

    by Jeremy Havardi -  5 October 2014
  • Owen_jones

    The Left's blind spot over anti-Semitism

    Leftists like Owen Jones at the Guardian falsely accuse supporters of Israel of always labelling their critics as anti-Semitic. They don't. But the bigotry against Israel is very real, and the Left can't see that because they're leading it

    by Jeremy Havardi - 14 August 2014
  • John_prescott

    Lord "No Brain" piles in against Israel

    Former Deputy Prime Minister Lord Prescott used to be known as "Two-Jags", in reference to his penchant for fast cars while presenting himself as a working class hero. Now it's "No-Brain" Prescott with mindless and vile invective against Israel

    by Jeremy Havardi - 30 July 2014
  • Hamas_fighters

    Israel acting disproportionately? Think again

    The vile and bigoted anti-Israel agenda comes roaring back onto the British agenda with every new assault that Israel faces. It is morally illiterate to ignore the difference between Israel and Hamas

    by Jeremy Havardi - 11 July 2014
  • Abbas_and_terrorists

    Murders of Israelis product of a Palestinian sickness

    The undiluted hatred that plagues Palestinian society has never been a fringe phenomenon. Instead it is a mainstream force, propagated with energy by the official organs of the PA and Hamas, and receiving sanction from their leaders

    by Jeremy Havardi -  2 July 2014
  • Hamas_and_fatah

    Palestinian unity: danger of a West Bank Hamastan

    With enhanced legitimacy from Obama’s America, there is the danger of a creeping Hamastan emerging in the West Bank. Obama has a blind spot about 'moderate' Islamism in general and the Muslim Brotherhood in particular

    by Jeremy Havardi -  4 June 2014
  • God_bless_hitler

    The Guardian's problem with anti-Semitism

    Such is the Guardian's fanatical obsession with Israel that when it comes to anti-semitism, a different set of rules applies. Apparently Jewish victims of prejudice don't deserve sympathy

    by Jeremy Havardi - 17 May 2014
  • Netanyahu-abbas_2529999b

    Phony Abbas, phony Obama, phony peace process

    In a year's time when these fake, phony "peace" talks are but a distant memory, who will the world blame for this continuing conflict -- the "victim" Abbas or the "intransigent" Netanyahu? Must we even ask?

    by Jeremy Havardi - 29 March 2014


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