Articles by Joel Casement

Joel Casement is a Research Executive at the cross party, grassroots campaign Get Britain Out

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    Brexit Britain braced to lead next Industrial Revolution

    The technological, digitally driven, revolution represents an epochal change in how we live and work. Brexit gives us the flexibility to embrace and profit from this far better than if we were to remain shackled to the outdated rust bucket that is the European Union

    by Joel Casement -  1 March 2019
  • Polar_bears

    Brexit, climate change, and Project Fear

    Project Fear knows no shame, and cares little whether its claims about Brexit are bogus. Their scaremongering over climate change policy is yet another desperate campaign of dishonesty

    by Joel Casement - 15 February 2019
  • Afd

    While the Brexit debate rumbles, Europe tumbles

    So much attention has been devoted to the machinations in Westminster that it is easy to lose sight of the mass chaos engulfing Europe. Everywhere you look you see a continent engulfed in problems. Brexit cannot come too soon

    by Joel Casement -  1 February 2019
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    Brexit heralds a new dawn for US-UK prosperity

    Our free trade deal with the United States is on the horizon. Our exit from the European Union is approaching. We must ensure we Get Britain Out of the EU so we can make this future of enhanced prosperity a reality

    by Joel Casement - 20 December 2018