Articles by Jonathan Neumann

Jonathan Neumann has written on the Middle East for The Jerusalem Post, Standpoint, and the Henry Jackson Society, among others, and he is currently the 'Tikvah Fellow at Commentary Magazine'.

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    God, Hayek and the conceit of reason

    The great economist knew the survival of civilisation rested on belief, but couldn't make the leap of faith

    by Jonathan Neumann - 21 February 2014
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    The European Union and the rule of rules

    If the Eurozone is serious about fiscal union, it would appear that it must, in the long-term, rest on laws rather than on rules, and that requires the possibility of force

    by Jonathan Neumann - 14 December 2011
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    Recognising Abbas

    As Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) addressed the United Nations, many observers remained suspicious of his planned unilateral declaration of Palestinian Arab statehood, but were not necessarily able to articulate why. Jonathan Neumann reviews reviews the basics.

    by Jonathan Neumann - 26 September 2011