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Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

  • Dover-port-515752

    Out of the EU, Britain must adapt strategy for business

    Out of the EU, we must be a forward-thinking and ‘Global Britain’. However, post-COVID-19, this must go hand in hand with a redevelopment of our own manufacturing, and a boost to domestic innovation

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  9 April 2020
  • European_commission_building

    The European "empire" is on the brink of collapse

    Almost instantly, the EU's much vaunted "solidarity" evaporated, and it has now turned into a free-for-all with countries makiing their own decisions on everything from border controls to relations with China. This is how "empires" collapse. But wait, right on cue, Labour has just elected a new leader who refused to respect the 2016 referendum...

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  3 April 2020
  • Merkel

    German economic stresses and the Brexit negotiations

    Even before COVID-19, the Eurozone was on the brink of recession. Now that recession is certain, and Germany will be called on to pick up the bill, Berlin may yet be a force for getting the EU to see sense and forge a free trade deal with Britain. If not, it is the EU, and Germany, that will pay the biggest price

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 27 March 2020
  • Uk-embassy-in-beijing

    Boris missing the boat on post-Brexit foreign policy

    The Prime Minister may be successful in getting Britain out of the EU, but it seems he is slowly putting Britain at risk of being an introverted and vulnerable ‘Global State’ that pays scant regard to the dangers posed by China

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 20 March 2020
  • Royal_role

    The vital Royal role in post-Brexit, Global Britain

    The world keeps turning despite COVID-19, and the role of the Royal Family -- a hugely important national asset -- will serve us well as we rebuild a truly global Britain even in these difficult times

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 13 March 2020
  • Ursula_von_der_leyen

    EU going from bad to worse amid Brexit transition

    As Britain negotiates terms of its full and final departure from the EU, delusional Brussels continues its desperate bid to build a superstate. They have learned nothing from Brexit, and we must be mindful of that as we forge a deal with them

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 27 February 2020
  • Eu_army

    Boris must be wary of EU military-imperial ambitions

    While economic relations form the biggest single item in our transition negotiations with the EU, defence is the second biggest. We should welcome military and intelligence cooperation with European nations, but through NATO not the EU. Brussels has openly stated imperial ambitions. We must be careful not to get sucked into them

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  2 February 2020
  • Dover-port-515752

    Trading up on Global Britain

    Although the majority of UK trade is currently conducted with countries within the EU, 90% of future growth in global GDP will be from outside the EU. The rational approach therefore is to seek a good deal with Brussels, but to face down EU intransigence with justified self-confidence. Post-Brexit, we have a world to win

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 28 January 2020
  • Brexit_flags

    Brexit dividend if we take back regulatory control

    Excessive EU-mandated red tape has made our economy less productive and less competitive. While we will retain sensible regulations that ensure good standards, Brexit will allow us to save billions of pounds a year, and will be a particular boon to the engine of our economy -- small business. Let's reap that Brexit dividend!

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 17 January 2020
  • British_tank

    Back to reality: UK defence after Brexit

    While EU fanatics remain mired in the delusion that the EU has preserved peace in Europe, we must use our influence after Brexit to reinvigorate support for NATO, the true guarantor of peace and stability on the European continent

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 19 December 2019
  • Brexit_flags

    Where should the UK go in future Brexit negotiations?

    The post-election Brexit negotiations with Brussels will be vital for our nation so we can decide the path we will follow for the coming decades. We can set an ambitious approach to negotiations which will allow us freedom from the EU in all forms, or we can remain shackled to the EU with both Labour and the Liberal Democrats

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 29 November 2019
  • Nigel_farage

    Nigel Farage must do the right thing to secure Brexit

    Nigel Farage needs to see the real picture. With the Brexit Party still standing in various vital Tory target seats in the North, Wales and in SNP-Conservative marginals in Scotland, Remainers may simply cling on to control in Brexit-voting areas with neither the Tories nor the Brexit Party gaining enough support to oust them. This could yet cost us a Brexit supporting majority in Parliament

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 14 November 2019
  • Westminster

    Flipping MPs! Why can't we get rid of them?

    If we want to restore trust in democracy, we cannot allow the kind of antics we have seen by Remain MPs to continue. If our elected representatives change party, they should be required to face a by-election

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  1 November 2019
  • Supreme_court

    Supreme Court takes over to stop Brexit

    The neo-authoritarian Remain camp is not content to trample on democracy, it is now encroaching on the rule of law itself. The Supreme Court has become a political tool for those opposed to Brexit. This shabby new strategy must not succeed

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 27 September 2019
  • Ursula_vin_der_leten

    EU has more to fear than UK from No Deal

    The fantasists in Brussels will not personally pay a price for the negative fall out from No Deal. But German, French, and other citiziens and businesses certainly would. It is time the EU woke up to the fact that No Deal would hurt them more than us

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 15 August 2019


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