Articles by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie

Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

  • Supreme_court

    Supreme Court takes over to stop Brexit

    The neo-authoritarian Remain camp is not content to trample on democracy, it is now encroaching on the rule of law itself. The Supreme Court has become a political tool for those opposed to Brexit. This shabby new strategy must not succeed

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 27 September 2019
  • Ursula_vin_der_leten

    EU has more to fear than UK from No Deal

    The fantasists in Brussels will not personally pay a price for the negative fall out from No Deal. But German, French, and other citiziens and businesses certainly would. It is time the EU woke up to the fact that No Deal would hurt them more than us

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 15 August 2019
  • Juncker

    Project Fear: Predictions vs Reality

    Project Fear is a complete laughing stock. Barely a day ges by without new evidence that Britain is prospering, and attracting huge waves of investment, as we head out of the EU. Let's just do it without delay

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 26 July 2019
  • Wto

    A WTO Brexit isn’t really No Deal

    With the seemingly inevitable victory of Boris Johnson in this Conservative Leadership race and the scrutiny which is placed upon him, the UK is slowly able to peel back the layers of ‘Project Fear’ to finally get to grips with the opportunities and possibilities presented by a WTO Brexit. Let's go for it

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  5 July 2019
  • Putin

    MPs are ignoring the sell-out of our military to the EU

    European common defence, and specifically the creation of a European military, are not about the noble aim of protecting our neighbourhood, they are about driving through a federalist vision of Europe that the people, especially the British people, do not want, and would be less secure for having

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  7 May 2019
  • Frigate

    Brexit delays could force UK into EU army

    The EU is a failing superstate, destined for a slow but sure collapse. However, Brussels is mired in delusion, and nothing is more illustrative of that than their ambition for a European army they want Britain to be part of

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 26 March 2019
  • Barnier

    Delaying Brexit plays into EU's anti-democratic hands

    The EU has a sordid track record of anti-democratic practices in France, the Netherlands, Ireland, and elsewhere. Extending Brexit would simply play into their anti-democratic hands

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 17 March 2019
  • Dover-port-515752

    A WTO Brexit is Britain's best bet

    A so called "no-deal" Brexit is in fact a misnomer. Leaving the EU on WTO terms is by far the best way for Britain to re-emerge as a power house in international trade. Let's get Britain out, and let's just do it

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 25 February 2019
  • Treasury

    The Treasury is the real threat to Brexit

    Chancellor Philip Hammond is playing a murky game, underming the chances of a real and true Brexit from Number 11 Downing Street. The false prophets of Project Fear need to be rebuffed. Kick Hammond out, and get Brexit accomplished without delay

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie -  7 February 2019
  • Nato_in_bosnia

    Why Brexit is good for Britain's security, and Europe's

    The strategic stability of Europe is fundamental to British security. Brexit will not only improve our security by tightening our borders, it will allow Britain to play to its strengths as a global player. Brexit is good for Britain, and good for Europe too

    by Joshua Mackenzie-Lawrie - 22 January 2019