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    Scrap the House of Lords regardless of Brexit vote

    UPDATE: As we have seen this week, unelected, impudent cronies continue to try to thwart democracy. The House of Lords is an open sewer of corruption at the heart of Britain's national public life. Now these scoundrels want to overturn the popular will as expressed in the Brexit vote. Regardless of the way it goes on Brexit, the Lords should be scrapped without delay

    by Liberty Rules - 26 February 2017
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    Anti-democratic forces in US follow anti-Brexit lead, trying to overturn Trump victory

    Millions in America have been signing a petition to overturn Trump's victory and put Hillary in the White House. Millions in Britain signed a petition to ignore the Brexit vote. New battle lines have been drawn in the West: those for democracy and those against it. Fight for democracy now

    by Liberty Rules - 12 November 2016