Articles by Matt Snape

Matt Snape is a freelance journalist whose stories have been featured in numerous national, local and specialist publications

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    Brexit Means Brexit; Local Means Local

    Matt Snape argues that should we have to contest the European Parliament elections, that is the proper outlet for voters to express their frustration at the Westminster elite. Good local councillors should not be punished for the incompetence of bad MPs.

    by Matt Snape - 18 April 2019
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    Exclusive Interview with IREXIT Party Leader

    Irexit is the term given to Ireland’s potential exit from the European Union, but how do the Irexit Party plan on achieving that? Party Leader Hermann Kelly has provided The Commentator with an exclusive interview

    by Matt Snape -  8 April 2019
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    Now it should be Mueller investigated

    As the world eagerly awaits to learn the findings of Mueller report, into Russian collusion and the Trump campaign; Matt Snape argues, that there should be a fresh investigation into those who really colluded with Russia – Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    by Matt Snape - 24 March 2019