Articles by Michael Auslin

Michael Auslin is a resident scholar and the director of Japan Studies at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he specializes in Asian regional security and political issues. Before joining AEI, Auslin was an associate professor of history at Yale University

  • Shinzo_abe

    Japan should not turn inward after ISIS beheadings

    The brutal murder of a second Japanese hostage by ISIS shows that Japan cannot insulate itself from the world's problems even if it wants to. As a major liberal-democratic power Japan must engage further with the world, for its own sake and ours

    by Michael Auslin -  1 February 2015
  • Shinzo_abe

    A new opportunity over Japan's WWII past

    As the 70th anniversary of the end of what Japan calls the Pacific War approaches, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe must use the opportunity to lay to rest any doubts about the sincerity of Japanese guilt. This is vital for Japan's future role as a power in Asia

    by Michael Auslin - 13 January 2015
  • North_korea_parade

    U.S. would be foolish to wage cyber war with N. Korea

    The Obama administration needs an integrated strategy for dealing with North Korea, not a spasmodic response that has no more upside than us being able to boast, “We got you back!”. The fact is, we don't know enough about the regime we're dealing with

    by Michael Auslin - 26 December 2014
  • Japan_navy

    Japan, and China's rising eclipse of the sun?

    If Japan has the will, China has the way. What happens when east Asia's giants get real about global security? Is Japan our indispensible ally? We'd better get an answer before it's too late

    by Michael Auslin -  5 December 2014
  • Mccain_and_kaine

    The democratic world has moved beyond Obama

    The general feeling at major international conferences these days is that Obama had his shot, messed it up, and will be lucky to get out of office without a major catastrophe occurring. What a legacy

    by Michael Auslin -  3 December 2014