Articles by Michael Curtis

Michael Curtis, author of "Jews, Antisemitism, and the Middle East", is Distinguished Professor Emeritus in political science at Rutgers University. Curtis is the author of 30 books, and in 2014 was awarded the French Legion d'Honneur

  • Auschwitz

    Busting Italy's myths about the Holocaust

    Italy, like many other countries in Europe, has long been in denial about its role in the Holocaust. The mythology is now being debunked

    by Michael Curtis - 27 July 2018
  • Trump_and_kim

    Solving Korea: On the road to Singapore

    Trump should be applauded for making the summit with North Korea happen. His detractors need to drop their Trump Derangement Syndrome and work with the President to help secure an outcome that would be to the benefit of America and the wider world

    by Michael Curtis -  9 June 2018
  • Migrants-rome-756310

    Migrating between political correctness and bigotry

    Both Israel and the US are enormously attractive countries to would be migrants from places which offer relatively fewer opportunities to live in freedom and prosperity. Both have to create workable migration policies which are neither concessions to bigotry nor ruled by the aggressive insanity of political correctness

    by Michael Curtis -  6 April 2018
  • Jerusalem

    Israel as normal or unique

    Interestingly, the legacy of Herzl is claimed both by the right as nationalist, and by the left as cosmopolitan. Despite, or perhaps because of, its successes Israel's goal of becoming a state like any other remains elusive

    by Michael Curtis - 17 March 2018
  • Merkel_in_knesset

    Anti-Semitism: The disease that does not disappear

    Many, such as Angela Merkel of Germany, speak out sincerely about the abomination of anti-Semitism. But there are still far too many in Europe who continue to stoke the fires of the most violent form of racism of the modern era

    by Michael Curtis -  4 February 2018
  • Beate_and_serge_klarsfeld

    The Holocaust and justice in France and Germany

    In the battle against evil, roguery, and villainous men, the determination of an unlikely French and German couple to bring old Nazis to justice is an inspiration to us all. Real good is always marvellous and intoxicating

    by Michael Curtis - 20 January 2018
  • Oprah-cropped

    Oprah: Celebrity and the presidential dream

    One can admire the achievements of Oprah Winfrey and others in the entertainment world, but celebrity does not warrant shaping our politics or suggest suitability or adequacy for the highest political office in the U.S. It is a worrying sign of our discombobulated times that we are talking about this at all

    by Michael Curtis - 15 January 2018
  • Mohammed_bin_salman

    Saudi and Israel: A beautiful friendship in the making?

    It is exactly 40 years since the historic visit of President Anwar Sadat to Jerusalem paved the way to the 1979 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. The time is now ripe for a closer relationship, an open diplomatic one, between Saudi Arabia and Israel. This would be a breakthrough that could remake the Middle East, and help tame Iran

    by Michael Curtis - 29 November 2017
  • Balfour

    The Balfour Declaration and British Leftist anti-Semitism

    The centenary of the Balfour Declaration has brought British, and other anti-Semites, crawling out of the woodwork. Labour is a party which claims the mantle of progress. It is a sad state of affairs that a British Lord had a more enlightened attitude to the Jewish people 100 years ago than many in the Labour Party do today

    by Michael Curtis -  6 November 2017
  • Arak

    The threat is still Iran

    Iran is playing games over its nuclear deal and President Trump is right to voice concerns. It is almost certain that Iran will continue its quest for a nuclear bomb. This has brought Israel closer to the Arab countries. It is now time for America and Europe to get much tougher with Iran

    by Michael Curtis - 19 September 2017
  • Felix_dzerzhinksy

    The politics of statues from Washington to Moscow

    The eradication of General Robert E. Lee from American history is not occasioning any soul searching in Russia where Valdimir Putin is raising up the image of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the effective founder of the KGB. Statues do tell us something. President Trump should be aware of the message from Moscow

    by Michael Curtis -  8 September 2017
  • Lenin-tomb-red-square-moscow_cs

    The failure of the Communist god

    Communism has often been compared to a religion. But it was one that failed far more quickly than the millenarian creeds such as Christianity and Islam. It brought terror and destruction with no compensating benefits so that only the most deluded could long believe in it

    by Michael Curtis - 21 August 2017
  • Petain_and_hitler

    Truth from France on anti-Zionism as anti-Semitism

    French President Emmanuel Macron is establishing himself as a defender of truth and justice over France's past persecution of the Jews. He rightly acknowledges that anti-Zionism is a form of anti-Semitism, showing the way for all his counterparts in the West

    by Michael Curtis - 18 July 2017
  • Women

    The inequality of women

    It is easy to sigh, and to put it down to moaning, but the reality is that women continue to face mass discrimination in many sectors. All sides of the political spectrum need to rethink this matter, and strike out for justice

    by Michael Curtis -  4 July 2017
  • Un_general_assembly

    The blind hatred of the United Nations against Israel

    Between 2012 and 2015 the UN General Assembly adopted 97 resolutions critical of countries; 87 of them were against Israel. This is either worthy of an entry in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or it's blind hatred, plain and simple

    by Michael Curtis - 15 June 2017