Articles by Mo Metcalf-Fisher

Mo Metcalf-Fisher has an MA in Public Opinion and Polling. He is also a Conservative Party member and activist. He tweets @mometfisher

  • Socialism_demonstrations

    British socialism is dying and recent events show it

    Mo Metcalf-Fisher argues that recent events demonstrate the British left is in decline, and, as far as electoral politics are concerned, it could well be terminal. Maggie Thatcher's dream may be about to become reality

    by Mo Metcalf-Fisher  -  3 June 2015
  • Plain-packaging-smokes

    Plain cigarette packaging is just plain silly

    If the government feels so strongly about stopping people from smoking, why doesn’t it just get on with banning it outright, rather than implementing expensive, pointless, bureaucratic legislation aimed at attacking smokers for their own lifestyle choice?

    by Mo Metcalf-Fisher  - 18 February 2015
  • Fox_hunt

    Labour's Hunting Act remains a complete farce

    Hunters, after centuries of freely embracing the countryside with horse and hound, suddenly became the centre of abuse not just from militant animal rights groups, but uninformed Westminster know-it-alls comprising MPs from virtually all of Labour, the Lib-Dems and, sadly, a few Conservatives. Let's scrap it

    by Mo Metcalf-Fisher  - 29 December 2014
  • 49

    There are many reasons to oppose the Votes at 16 campaign

    We need a generation of youth that are taught about democratic responsibilities from an early age, so that by the time they reach 18, they know far more about the political process than they currently do and regard voting as a duty, not a chore

    by Mo Metcalf-Fisher  - 11 December 2014