Articles by Peter Lyon

Peter Lyon is a Research Executive at Get Britain Out

  • Eurofighter

    Slippery Brussels seeking EU army by the back door

    Seizing control of armed forces from the nation state is essential to the creation of a federal super-state. The delusional neo-imperialists in Brussels will lose badly on this when Britain quits the EU, but we should actively scupper its chances anyway because slippery Brussels is trying to get us in by the back door

    by Peter Lyon - 12 April 2018
  • Billingsgate-fish-market-london-by-claire-creighton

    Stop this shameful capitulation to the EU on fisheries

    The transition deal announced between Britain and the EU is very bad news for UK fishermen, as it means the EU could decimate our fishing industry during the transitional period. The government needs to understand that appeasement never works. We should urgently set down much tougher terms and be prepared to walk away without a deal

    by Peter Lyon - 22 March 2018
  • Container_ship

    Anti-Trump hysteria must not block UK-US trade deal

    Trump Derangement Syndrome has taken hold of the Labour Party, the Foreign Office, and, of course, the Remain camp. It must not get in the way of a free trade deal with America which, despite the scaremongering, is right on track, along with the many other benefits Brexit will bring

    by Peter Lyon -  9 March 2018
  • Barnier

    Bullying Brussels won't defeat Brexit Britain

    While the UK has been conciliatory and has stressed a commitment to long term cooperation with the EU, the European Commission has undertaken a ‘black ops’ media strategy through leaks and briefings by backroom staff. Cowardice and bullying usually go hand in hand. Brussels will soon see that it just won't work with Britain

    by Peter Lyon - 16 February 2018