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Rafe Heydel-Mankoo is an international broadcaster, writer and historian, specialising in British institutions, traditions and heritage. He appears regularly on British and North American television to comment on the monarchy, the honours system and constitutional reform. Rafe is the editor and co-author of the critically-acclaimed “Burke’s Peerage: World Orders of Knighthood & Merit” and has advised various governments on honours policy matters. A Research Associate at the British public policy think tank ResPublica and a Trustee of the Canadian Royal Heritage Trust, Rafe is a co-author of “Our House: Reflections on Representation and Reform in the House of Lords”. For further information please see:

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    Time for a Commonwealth family reunion

    For the past 40 years we have spurned our ever faithful Commonwealth family for the sado-masochistic thrill of a European affair – one that, as with many extra-marital trysts, has proved costly and unfulfilling

    by Rafe Heydel-Mankoo - 14 August 2013