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At General Election 2015, this person was Nigel Farage's Chief of Staff. His lawyer threatened to sue if we told the police about the allegations below (itself a serious criminal offence), thus influencing the General Election. Read on: The former, part-time, freelancer, Raheem Kassam, long ago dismissed, is no longer with The Commentator. He was dismissed in 2013 from any association with The Commentator for gross and extreme misconduct. He has been referred to the police under the Fraud Act, as well as for blackmail, extortion, and other criminal offences involving tens of thousands of pounds siphoned from a business, for which he was a freelancer, into his personal bank account. Kassam has been publicly accused of these offences, and dared to sue if they are not true. For more than two years, Kassam has not sued, indicating admission of culpability. His erstwhile lawyer is under consideration by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. In addition, while we believe it is in the public interest to investigate other claims of GE2015 funding fraud in relation to Kassam, we do not have direct evidence ourselves on that last point. We would therefore ask authorities to investigate. Broader issues about perversion of the course of justice are being overcome, at considerable cost to ourselves. The attempt to pervert the course of justice has, of course, been a key road block in the investigation. A lot of questions will also have to be answered by those who stuck by Kassam while having reasonable suspicion of his criminal activity. We find it difficult to find a Westminster insider, over decades, with a worse record of blatant criminal activity. That is our opinion. What is yours?


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