Articles by Robert Bates

Rob Bates is a Research Executive for Get Britain Out

  • Jeremy_corbyn

    Corbyn's Labour Party is a threat to Brexit

    The Labour Party is caught between snobbish anti-democratic Remainers and opportunistic Marxists who don't like the EU but are playing a shabby political game at the expense of British voters. The net result is that Labour can't be trusted on Brexit. Their cynical exploits must be exposed

    by Robert Bates -  8 February 2018
  • Sme

    Small business bonanza after Brexit

    The Great British Public is overflowing with entrepreneurial ideas. But currently such potential is hindered by laws made by unelected EU officials who cannot be removed by the UK electorate. Let's get Britain out asap, cut the red tape, and build a more dynamic economy

    by Robert Bates - 22 January 2018
  • Barnier

    EU playing dirty in Brexit talks

    The Eurocrats are predictably playing dirty amid Brexit talks, trying to scare British business. It is vital we Get Britain Out of the undemocratic and malicious European Union. These grubby tactics only serve to further vindicate the British decision to leave

    by Robert Bates - 12 January 2018