Articles by Robin Mitchinson

  • Zimbabwe

    Zimbabwe's socialist famine

    Zimbabwe has gone from being the breadbasket of Southern Africa to its basket case. And due to the seizure of white-owned farms and Comrade Bob's murderous rule, it's all self-inflicted. So remember that when the bleeding hearts ask you to give to the forthcoming famine relief appeal

    by Robin Mitchinson - 11 February 2016
  • Paris_carnage

    Why jihadi strategy is working, and how to stop it

    The Jihad is playing the naive West like a violin. The only strategy that will work is not the defeat of ISIL and other Jihadi groups, but their extermination. But to do that we need to defeat the bleeding hearts at home

    by Robin Mitchinson -  2 February 2016
  • Donald_trump

    States of misunderstanding? Britain and the US

    A US Presidential contest between a buffoon and a superannuated socialist is unthinkable. Isn’t it? And what's with those insane talk show pundits. Brits just don't get America

    by Robin Mitchinson - 21 January 2016
  • Red_wine

    No more cheers for Britain?

    The nanny state in Britain is now telling us to drink less alcohol. But the advice is nonsense. Acohol, especially red wine, is good for you, as plenty of studies have shown

    by Robin Mitchinson - 11 January 2016
  • Cecil_rhodes

    Rhodes was no angel, but his critics are just ignorant

    The kind of anti-intellectual rubbish being thrown at the colonial legacy of Cecil Rhodes raises the question of whether his detractors know anything at all about southern Africa, then and now

    by Robin Mitchinson - 28 December 2015
  • Oliver_twist

    Poverty industry wowsers are back

    The child poverty industry has a vested interest in inflating the numbers of those designated as impoverished. But some things don't add up, such as simultaneous warnings of an epidemic of youth obesity

    by Robin Mitchinson - 15 December 2015
  • Tornado

    Bullingdon bomber has his majority. Now what for Syria?

    Cameron won a great victory, and Corbyn suffered a humiliating defeat in the Syria vote. But the big question remains: in this vastly complicated situation, what are we going to achieve?

    by Robin Mitchinson -  3 December 2015
  • Barack_obama_on_the_phone_in_the_white_house_oval_office_z

    Race to the bottom in American politics

    Given the state of our own politics, Britons need to be careful about criticising others. But from Barack Obama to Donald Chump, what is going on in America?

    by Robin Mitchinson - 30 November 2015
  • Putin-gun

    Putin a bit of stick about

    The West should bring Russia inside the tent with an anti-ISIS entente. Whilst our waffling wimps are wringing their hands and wondering what to do next, Putin is putting a bit of stick about. Just what we need

    by Robin Mitchinson - 20 November 2015
  • Airport_security

    Airport security? Don't make me laugh

    The simple truth is that airport security has never played a role in frustrating terrorist attack plans; all have been the result of good intelligence. The ridiculous checks on liquids et al are there because the real way to do security -- profiling -- isn't PC

    by Robin Mitchinson - 17 November 2015
  • Nicola_sturgeon

    The SNP's neo-authoritarian machinations

    The SNP is making a right old mess of governance in Scotland, harming health, education and law and order. But it is good at some things: centralising power and pressing the grievance button against the English

    by Robin Mitchinson - 12 November 2015
  • Obesity_199327k

    Armageddon redux

    Green misinformation and doctored stats are bad enough. Now, the doomsayers argue that world population will make us all famished. Garbage. The real problem is that there won't be enough of us and we'll all be fat

    by Robin Mitchinson -  2 November 2015
  • Synod_church_of_england

    Where is the Church Militant on persecuted Christians?

    Of the 100-200 million Christians at risk, the majority are in Muslim-dominated countries. Of the world’s three largest religions Christians are the most persecuted with 80 percent of all acts of religious discrimination being directed at them. So why the inaction from the Church?

    by Robin Mitchinson - 25 October 2015
  • Bradford-grammar_3412575k

    Class war against the grammar schools

    When the Left abolished grammar schools, there was no educational case. It was simply a piece of social engineering by the left to keep the lower orders in their place

    by Robin Mitchinson - 20 October 2015
  • Cameron_and_juncker

    Chaos and glaring contradiction from Brussels on immigration

    The EU is in a state of complete and utter chaos, disorganisation, and directionless ‘leadership’ over the refugee crisis. But when it comes to our own immigration policy Brussels is quite sure that we aren't allowed control over our borders. Who said, "Brexit"?

    by Robin Mitchinson -  8 October 2015