Articles by Robin Mitchinson

  • Poverty_demo

    Poverty, denial, and the Left

    The Left in Britain constantly goes on about poverty. But, when you look at the facts, it has essentially been abolished in Britain, if you exclude Labour areas run according to Corbynite voodoo economics

    by Robin Mitchinson -  5 October 2015
  • Vw

    The VW emissions fiasco

    The last time VW got so much publicity was over their way of keeping the union bosses happy with lavish parties, prostitutes and Viagra. But the emissions fiasco has quite a story of its own to tell

    by Robin Mitchinson - 29 September 2015
  • Refugees_at_macedonian_border

    Britain needs to get refugee crisis in perspective

    Between British hysteria and the dysfunctional European Union, there is a desperate need for some proper perspective over the refugee crisis. We have coped with far worse in the past

    by Robin Mitchinson - 18 September 2015
  • Raf_drone

    Killing British ISIL traitors is perfectly legal

    PC types can't understand it is not necessary to wait for a terrorist to strike before retaliating so long as it is ‘proportionate and necessary’. Taking out a pair of fanatical killers before they had caused maybe 100 or more casualties as at 7/7 could not be more ‘proportionate’

    by Robin Mitchinson - 12 September 2015
  • Al_capone_latest

    War on logic: of drugs and booze

    Prohibition is a mere footnote in history compared with the vast calamity that this ‘war on drugs’ has created. The hard economic fact is that governments cannot eliminate a market by legislation when there is a constant demand

    by Robin Mitchinson -  8 September 2015
  • Refugees_at_keleti

    Refugee crisis: squalid posturing, and the farcical EU

    This whole wretched refugee crisis has once again exposed the fiction of the EU. The truth is beginning to dawn that giving up control over borders is giving up a large measure of sovereignty, and this is bound to impact on our In/Out referendum

    by Robin Mitchinson -  2 September 2015
  • Iran_nuclear_deal

    Iranian nukes: a bad deal we'd be foolish to reject?

    For sceptics, there is a depressing logic to the Iran nuclear deal. If it is trashed by Congress on the grounds Iran will not mend its ways, Iran will probably push harder for nukes, and sanctions will go anyway. It's a bad deal that we've got to accept, however reluctantly

    by Robin Mitchinson - 23 August 2015
  • Calais_immigrants

    Cock-up in Calais

    The West African migrants congregating in Calais are economic migrants, have no business trying to come into the UK, and should be sent back to their European port of entry. As for others, let's cherry pick the most educated and most economically useful

    by Robin Mitchinson - 19 August 2015
  • Donald_trump

    Will Trump trump Republican presidential chances?

    The reprehensible Donald Trump could well end up as the wrecker in chief for the Republican Party's presidential election hopes. He still retains the power to say, "You're fired", but only to his own side

    by Robin Mitchinson -  3 August 2015
  • Obama_with_his_grandmother_in_kenya

    Obama's legacy: Cuba, Iran, and silly, PC Brit-bashing

    Barack Obama's international legacy will come down to a probably reasonable move to reconcile with Cuba, a possibly disastrous deal with Iran, and, this side of the pond, a gratuitous history of Brit-bashing based on shallow political correctness

    by Robin Mitchinson - 26 July 2015
  • Koevoet_veterans

    Only 'Koevoet' can defeat Boko Haram

    The key to defeating Boko Haram is to send in units that actually know what they are doing in African warfare. If we want to win, we need to bite the bullet and bring in South Africa's toughest, and there were none tougher than Koevoet

    by Robin Mitchinson - 24 July 2015
  • Osborne_living_wage

    Living wage does not make Osborne a closet socialist

    Looking back on George Osborne's budget, the living wage was a master stroke, and it does not make Osborne a closet socialist. Meanwhile, defence looks to have done well, while we still pour vast amounts down the toilet of "foreign aid"

    by Robin Mitchinson - 18 July 2015
  • Desert

    My name is Ozymandias, King of the White House

    Shelley's Ozymandias is one of the great poems. Little could Shelley have known that one day a comparable despair could be felt by taking a look at modern America

    by Robin Mitchinson - 26 June 2015
  • Leveson

    Threats to free speech in Britain

    Freedom of speech is the life-blood of democracy. It is also the best defence the people have against those in positions of power abusing that power. No surprise then that the establishment is always looking for new ways to stop wrong-doing from being exposed

    by Robin Mitchinson - 22 June 2015
  • French_farmers

    Put this up your TTIP! My what?

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnerhsip (TTIP) could be a huge bonanza for Brits, continental Europeans and Americans. Free trade obviously makes people better off. So take a wild guess at who wants to stop it all?

    by Robin Mitchinson - 18 June 2015