Articles by Ryan Fiske

Ryan Fiske is a Research Executive for the cross-party, grassroots Eurosceptic campaign, Get Britain Out

  • London

    How the City of London can thrive after Brexit

    Whilst key players in the City supported Remain for the sake of stability, many are now positive about the opportunities Brexit will bring. And with good reason. Once we get Britain out of the EU, expect to see the UK financial sector go from strength to strength

    by Ryan Fiske - 12 August 2016
  • Flag_latest

    Brexit can end managed decline, forge new global Britain

    The British establishment adopted "managed decline" after Suez, viewing the EU as a crutch to sustain us. It was a historic mistake for many reasons. But Brexit means we have a new opportunity. We must seize it

    by Ryan Fiske -  6 August 2016
  • Commonwealth

    Britain’s future is with the Commonwealth

    With Brexit we have a chance to right the historic wrong of joining the EU and betraying our natural allies. Now, once again, we can fully re-engage with the Commonwealth

    by Ryan Fiske - 28 July 2016
  • May_and_merkel

    How Brexit can mean Brexit

    In order to regain control of our borders we must reject the single market and go for free trade with the EU instead. Johnson, Davis and Fox are the right people to get us where we need to be. It's happening. Britain is indeed leaving the EU

    by Ryan Fiske - 22 July 2016
  • Flag_latest

    Ignore ‘Little Europeans’ and vote for a Global Britain

    Go for Project Hope, not Project Fear. Britain can regain its independence on Thursday. These opportunities do not come around very often. Let's get Britain out of the European Union, and make a fresh start

    by Ryan Fiske - 22 June 2016
  • Eu_tank

    Remain means an end to an independent Britain

    On June 23, there's no status quo option for EU membership. If we vote to stay in, we lose even more independence as we progress towards a unified superstate. Just look at the plans for an EU army. The only option is to leave before it's too late

    by Ryan Fiske - 21 June 2016
  • Red_tape

    EU strangles small business, in favour of top 1 percent

    Cameron and remain cosntantly stress the interests of the very biggest firms, which may benefit from EU membership. But tha vast majority of companies are small, and they are being strangled by corrupt EU regulation. For the benefit of the 99 percent, we need to get Britain out of the EU now

    by Ryan Fiske - 15 June 2016
  • Sinking_ship

    EU sinking into deeper crisis. Time to leave is now

    Several economies in Europe, including some of the biggest, stand on the brink of massive economic crisis. Meanwhile, these countries have scant political will to address the problems. If we stay in the EU, we are chained to the deck of a sinking ship. Let's man the lifeboats and quit before it's too late

    by Ryan Fiske -  9 June 2016
  • George_osborne

    Osborne's Brexit scaremongering fails to scare markets

    As George Osborne shamefully tries to talk down the British economy through scaremongering about Brexit, the markets are singularly failing to collapse. The fact is, business isn't frightened of Brexit at all

    by Ryan Fiske -  3 June 2016
  • Greece

    Greece continues to be punished by the EU

    Nothing demonstrates the disaster that is the European Union more than the terrible crisis in Greece. There and elsewhere, it's only getting worse, and Britain will be forced to pick up a big part of the tab unless we vote to leave on June 23

    by Ryan Fiske - 27 May 2016
  • Container_ship

    Our democracy is not for sale to the EU

    When people see their vote having little effect on the world around them in a time of austerity, but still see big business getting preferential treatment, they lose faith in democracy. This is how the EU is conducting the massive TTIP trade deal with the US. It's another reason to get Britain out of the EU on June 23

    by Ryan Fiske -  7 May 2016


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