Articles by Steve Apfel

Steve Apfel is director of the School of Management Accounting, Johannesburg. He is the author of the book,'Hadrian's Echo: The whys and wherefores of Israel's critics' (2012) and a contributor to, "War by other means." (Israel Affairs, Special Issue. July 2012) and his new work, 'Bilaam's Curse: The enemies of Zion' will be published by Hamilton Books this year

  • Obama_latest

    A Dybbuk in the White House

    Debate Obama's grip on reality; fret at the madness of trusting Iran to abide by unverifiable terms. Say what you like. But the Iran deal effectively means that a president of America has decamped to the enemy

    by Steve Apfel - 24 April 2015
  • Amia_argentina

    Behind Obama’s love affair with Iran

    The murder of dozens of Jews in Buenos Aires 20 years ago by Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorists is being whitewashed in Barack Obama and the West's desperate policy of making nice with Tehran

    by Steve Apfel - 26 January 2015
  • Oslo_signing_ceremony

    Israel and the cost of being too clever

    Oslo marked a quick and extreme conversion from old beliefs to a new faith in miraculously turning enemies into friends by giving land away. But Israel is never thanked for it, indeed it is hated more, in the MidEast and the West. Surely there's a lesson?

    by Steve Apfel - 14 December 2014
  • London-bds

    The Biblical roots of BDS

    Think of the worst crimes a state can be guilty of. Then dishonestly make them peculiar Israeli crimes. Apartheid, ethnic cleansing, occupation, war crimes of every description. But it's all been seen before

    by Steve Apfel - 19 November 2014
  • Charlton-heston-as-moses-the-ten-commandments-1956-paramount

    Moses in human rights garb

    A sensitivity to human rights at Passover time draws Jews to think of Moses as a template devotee. That's all well and good. But they ought to have their own people above any other in mind

    by Steve Apfel - 22 April 2014
  • Stop_israel_demo

    Anti-Zionists want the Israeli people to die

    Anti-Zionism is an annihilationist ideology. They don't want an entire people, the people of Israel, to live

    by Steve Apfel - 11 April 2014
  • Stony-brook-hillel-f-86785

    Guests from hell

    Whoever heard of a Palestinian Solidarity Committee laying the welcome mat for Israel-supporters, opening its door to Zionists? "Open Hillel" is very, very, very, strange!

    by Steve Apfel - 27 March 2014
  • 4404209839_0b3bf24f78_o

    Academic boycotters: Knuckleheads in faculty gowns

    The Israel persecuting, prosecuting don might be a knucklehead, but is undeniably a savvy knucklehead. Money talks, far louder than integrity

    by Steve Apfel - 12 March 2014
  • Holocaust_1_boycott_jewish_shops_3

    Guess which industry just can't afford to boycott Israel

    Teaser: Which multi-billion dollar industry just cannot afford to boycott Israel? Paradox: this industry calls for boycotts, but its life depends on it not doing so itself. Getting warmer?

    by Steve Apfel -  5 March 2014
  • Illegal_settlement_products

    The lawless label: "Made by Jews"

    Warning labels are in vogue. ‘Cigarettes can seriously damage your health’. ‘Caution -- hot liquid!’ Anti-Israel advocates also want to develop public fear and loathing. ‘Warning -- Jewish-made products can kill!’

    by Steve Apfel - 27 February 2014
  • Iran_speaks_to_the_international_community

    The International Community: A figment of the mind

    The "international community" is a shifty and shadowy ideal. Demands and verdicts are made on its behalf. The casualty is usually Israel, which tells you pretty much all you need to know

    by Steve Apfel - 17 February 2014
  • Hakbari20121124192102213

    The Zionist Lobby: What's the big deal?

    Why is the so-called Zionist lobby pilloried and not its pro-boycott adversary? A small but economically powerful Jewish minority has a perfect right to try its hand at some arm-twisting

    by Steve Apfel - 11 February 2014
  • Norman_finkelstein

    Jews on the Left take the dumb side

    In a piece on the Left which is sure to stir the pot, Steve Apfel wonders aloud on how and why some Jewish Leftists adopt a position on Israel that, for all the world, could be seen as quintessentially dumb!

    by Steve Apfel -  5 February 2014
  • Auschwitz_shoes

    Civilized Holocaust denial

    Denying the Holocaust doesn't necessarily mean baldly saying it didn't happen. Denial can be accomplished by false parallel, and often is. Indeed, the whole shoddy business can be made to look quite "civilised"

    by Steve Apfel - 28 January 2014
  • Arafat_and_peres

    The two state solution. So, Israel and...?

    Not even the UN could plan for a Palestinian state before there was a Palestinian people to govern it. Just who or what will scramble for Palestine if independence ever comes we don’t rightly know

    by Steve Apfel - 19 January 2014