Articles by Taylor Dibbert

Taylor Dibbert is a writer based in Washington, D.C. and a contributing editor at “The Diplomat Magazine”. He is the author of “Fiesta of Sunset: The Peace Corps, Guatemala and a Search for Truth”. The views expressed here are his own. Follow him on Twitter @taylordibbert

  • Obama-laughing

    Barack Obama's MidEast fantasy world

    In Barack Obama's fantasy Middle East, the U.S. isn't losing the war against ISIS, Iran isn't a problem, and relations with Israel are just fine. That's the good news. The bad news is Obama actually believes this and he's still with us until January 2017

    by Taylor Dibbert - 31 May 2015
  • Obama_today

    Obama's U.S. leadership... on climate change

    If you’re sitting in Tel Aviv or London or Riyadh or Tokyo or Seoul or New Delhi, and you learn that Obama has just given a big speech on climate change, what inferences might you make? But the fact is that Obama's idea of "global leadership" is to focus on climate. ISIS must be terrified

    by Taylor Dibbert - 24 May 2015
  • Marco_rubio

    Rubio doctrine offers reversal of Obama's dithering

    The Rubio doctrine stands in stark contrast to the dithering and disengagment we've seen from Obama. He offers a muscular foreign policy based on moral clarity. He's set the bar pretty high for next year's presidential race

    by Taylor Dibbert - 20 May 2015
  • Obama-laughing

    Why Obama’s foreign policy is dangerous

    From Iran to Syria to Ukraine and beyond, Obama’s minimalist foreign policy has done great harm to America and the world. The Obama doctrine is what Bret Stephens calls The Retreat Doctrine, and the West's enemies love it

    by Taylor Dibbert - 12 December 2014
  • Obama_iraq

    Obama’s self-absorbed humanitarianism over Iraq

    Obama the supreme egotist looks grudging and shifty over his self-absorbed decision to move on Iraq. It's the story of his presidency

    by Taylor Dibbert - 13 August 2014
  • Obama_weird

    The Scarlet Letter of world politics

    When Putin thinks Kalashnikovs and power, Obama thinks Kindles and fundraising events. When allies in the Middle East think territory, influence or strategy, Obama thinks about rhetoric, charm offensives and light footprints

    by Taylor Dibbert - 20 July 2014
  • 110806_obama_wave_podium_ap_605

    America’s retrencher in chief

    It's time for the same Obama who spoke so eloquently of a post-partisan era, to shelve the politics and formulate a proper response to the ongoing debacle in Iraq

    by Taylor Dibbert - 23 June 2014
  • Obama_1318962c

    Obama’s abysmal legacy: Eight incompetent years?

    From the Veterans to Obamacare to the IRS to Benghazi and more, Mr. Obama seems intent on having words like “disaster” and “incompetence” become synonymous with all eight years of his presidency

    by Taylor Dibbert - 17 June 2014
  • Barack_obama

    Obama’s Kantian fantasy

    Considering both domestic and foreign policy, is it actually possible to be worse than Barack Obama? In Cairo in 2009 he championed a different American foreign policy in the Middle East. If by ‘different’ he meant ‘disastrous’ then things seem to be going as planned

    by Taylor Dibbert -  5 April 2014
  • Obama_is_thick

    We're all ashamed of Obama the dunce on Ukraine

    There was a time when Obama was thought to be some kind of intellectual. Oh, dear. He's the quintessential dunce on foreign affairs. Who wants to put their name next to his now?

    by Taylor Dibbert -  7 March 2014
  • Dennis_rodman_north_korea

    NBA star's drunken, insane trip to North Korea

    Dennis Rodman now claims he was drunk when he disrespected an American held in a North Korean jail. But he was stone cold sober when he said of the country's mass murdering psychopathic leader: "I love my friend"

    by Taylor Dibbert -  9 January 2014
  • Obama_inauguration

    Any chance at all of saving Obama's presidency?

    It's not just Obamacare, the rollout of which has been a disaster. He's in domestic stalemate on almost everything else. He's lost on foreign policy. His State of the Union address this month is his only hope. But is there really any hope at all?

    by Taylor Dibbert -  6 January 2014
  • Iran_deal

    Obama's Iran deal and a pattern of incompetence

    Obama's limited experience and lack of serious interest in anything other than getting the US out of foreign wars was always going to create some serious shortcomings in US foreign policy

    by Taylor Dibbert - 25 November 2013
  • Obama_drone

    Obama drones on

    Now is an opportune time for Mr. Obama to rethink counterterrorism. Sadly, the orator-in-chief is unlikely to take it

    by Taylor Dibbert - 23 October 2013
  • Chemcial_inspectors

    The irrelevance of the Nobel Peace Prize

    The unfortunate truth is that this prize, yet again, reeks of politics – just as Barack Obama’s award did in 2009

    by Taylor Dibbert - 13 October 2013