Articles by Tim Hedges

Tim Hedges had a career in corporate finance before moving to Rome where he works as a freelance writer, novelist, and farmer

  • Boris

    Napoleon, and doing as we are told under COVID-19

    The massive extension of the power of the state under COVID-19 has exposed some deep historical differences between Britain and Europe. How does your Napoleon complex look today?

    by Tim Hedges - 26 March 2020
  • Ursula_von_der_leyen

    Italy, EU bungling, and the COVID-19 curve

    No-one has the perfect response to the Coronavirus. But the way different European states are responding shows that European "unity" collapses in the face of a crisis

    by Tim Hedges - 13 March 2020
  • Coronavirus_for_web

    Coronavirus front line in northern Italy

    The area of Lombardy where the Coronavirus has struck is among the most productive in Europe and, more to the point, one of the very few productive areas in Italy

    by Tim Hedges - 28 February 2020
  • Matteo_salvini

    Putting democracy on trial in Italy

    Matteo Salvini Is to go on trial for kidnap due to his immigration policies. It will be seen by Italian voters as the establishment using the courts to silence dissent

    by Tim Hedges - 25 February 2020
  • Beg_ben

    Goodbye Project Fear, Goodbye Brussels

    We have been insulted, ridiculed, and abused, but we stuck to our guns. Now, a surprising number of economists think we can prosper outside the sclerotic, regulatory nightmare that is Brussels. The future is ours for the taking

    by Tim Hedges - 28 January 2020
  • Giorgia_meloni

    Giorgia Meloni: Mussolini-lite, and going viral

    A group of left-wing opponents made a short film of a sample from one of her speeches. It was designed to discredit her "bigoted" opinions. Instead it has gone viral, and her popularity has soared

    by Tim Hedges - 14 January 2020
  • Rome_parliament

    Italy not yet ready for Leave, but watching Brexit closely

    The Italians are suspicious of Europe, perhaps no more than that, right now. But they are watching Britain and if we make a success of Brexit their suspicions will take root. They will want out. As Salvini said after the UK election, ‘Go Boris’

    by Tim Hedges - 17 December 2019
  • Ilva

    Italy isn't working

    Italy is a wonderful country, but right now, when you look at the dam outside Venice which has never functioned, the rubbish on the streets of Rome and the ailing, deformed babies of Taranto, you get the feeling it just doesn’t work

    by Tim Hedges - 21 November 2019
  • Ursula_von_der_leyen

    EU boss Ursula von der Leyen's imperial ambitions

    There are many illustrations of the EU's neo-authoritarian, neo-imperial ambitions. Italy provides lots of them. The incoming EU president Ursula von der Leyen promises to make a bad and shabby situation even worse

    by Tim Hedges -  3 October 2019
  • One-belt-one-road-silk-roads-new-challenges-opportunities-...-tehran-times

    China getting a rise out of reckless Italy?

    Italy's populist government may become the first in Europe to endorse China's Belt and Road Initiative. The Western establishment from Washington to Brussels is apoplectic, and on this one, they are right to be

    by Tim Hedges - 22 March 2019
  • Ballot_box

    Proportional representation flatters to deceive

    Proportional representation is a seductive alternative to the pitfalls of first past the post. But PR's flaws probably outweigh its benefits, as the cases of Germany and Italy can illustrate

    by Tim Hedges - 28 February 2019
  • Eu_flag

    EU heads deeper into crisis over Italy and France

    In a certain sense Brexit was never the real issue for the European Union. The real issue is that it is a failing superstate, mired in hypocrisy and self-delusion

    by Tim Hedges - 12 February 2019
  • Merkel

    Europe's house of cards shudders ahead of elections

    Germany's economy is slowing sharply, Italy may already be in recession, populists are about to surge at the European elections. There's chaos in Britain to be sure, but the whole European house of cards is slowly but surely falling down

    by Tim Hedges - 28 January 2019
  • Euros

    The Euro's unhappy birthday

    The Eurozone's unhappy birthday is a reminder that poilitical projects pursued by ideological fanatics cause misery for ordinary people. But don't expect Brussels to learn from its mistake. Just expect more misery to come

    by Tim Hedges -  8 January 2019
  • France

    Adventures in Europe: Italy rails, as France wails

    Italy's populists are enraged at the double standards from the powers that be in Europe. France appears to get a free pass, while Italy gets a telling off over its budget deficits. Brexiting from all this may not be quite so bad, non?

    by Tim Hedges - 18 December 2018


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