Articles by Tim Hedges

Tim Hedges had a career in corporate finance before moving to Rome where he works as a freelance writer, novelist, and farmer

  • Regierung-renzi-in-rom-vereidigt-41-51351832

    Can Italy's fresh-faced cabinet find a solution?

    Something needs to be done about Italy's economy. Can Renzi's youthful cabinet figure out what that something is?

    by Tim Hedges - 23 February 2014
  • Rome_latest

    A third appointed government in Italy

    New "democracy" in Europe. This will be the third government in a row whose leader has been appointed rather than elected. That of Mario Monti which succeeded Silvio Berlusconi lasted 529 days, that of Letta only 293 days. Renzi says he can make his last until 2018

    by Tim Hedges - 16 February 2014
  • Antonio_mastrapasqua

    A very Italian armchair scandal

    This scandal has brought to light the extraordinary rewards of the inner circle who run Italy’s business and government, a stark contrast with the difficult lives led by Italy’s austerity bludgeoned people

    by Tim Hedges -  6 February 2014
  • Amanda_knox

    Amanda Knox: No-one knows what happened

    The vast majority of people I have spoken to in Italy think Knox is guilty, our correspondent says. They think it happened during some perverse foreign drug-fuelled sex game. The truth is no-one knows what happened, which makes a nonsense of the latest verdict

    by Tim Hedges - 31 January 2014
  • _mg_0079

    Dining out: Italy's mafia problem

    You know Italy is in dire straits when, during the worst recession in Italy since the War, it is a gang of thugs keeping the restaurants open and the food cheap. And those kids selling flowers may be scouting for the mafia

    by Tim Hedges - 26 January 2014
  • Kika3131191_matteo-renzi

    Matteo Renzi: Italy's Tony Blair?

    Youth unemployment has gone past 40 percent in Italy. Families have been raiding their savings and are near despair. Italians might well like a man with a plan

    by Tim Hedges - 18 January 2014
  • Breakfast_pizza

    Italians in Britain

    Immigration? This time? Large swathes of Italians, perhaps half of young people, want to leave the country. Many want to come to Britain. Are they sure?

    by Tim Hedges -  7 January 2014
  • Rome_at_christmas

    Buone Feste! Christmas Italy style

    There has not been an Italian Pope for 35 years, but Rome is special at Christmas. There and elsewhere it's food, food, food and tonnes of amazing traditions. Naughty kids in the south always fear a little witch that might stop them getting presents!

    by Tim Hedges - 25 December 2013
  • Standard-poor_4

    Who'd bet against further EU downgrades?

    In the light of zero growth and public disaffection, no one would bet against yet another downgrade of the EU’s rating. If AAA rated Britain left the EU, the rating could fall further. That prospect could make our re-negotiation with Brussels "interesting". It, unexpectedly, strengthens our hand

    by Tim Hedges - 22 December 2013
  • Italy_domino

    Talk of quitting the euro is hardly surprising in Italy

    The eurozone's third largest economy is in deep trouble (see the stats). Talk of leaving the euro is widespread. The single currency is indeed a disaster for Italy and everyone else. But would Rome really be the first to jump?

    by Tim Hedges - 21 December 2013
  • Berlusconi-renzi-profilo-672

    Italy's new politics

    Italy has this year jumped to a new generation of politicians. What happens now in one of the West's most chaotic and entertaining political systems?

    by Tim Hedges - 13 December 2013
  • La-terra-dei-fuochi-non-e-sola

    The land of fires, the triangle of death

    In Italy's Land of Fires, other people's rubbish is being burned, much of it toxic. But the crime syndicates have bought the politicians while the people choke and their cancer rates soar

    by Tim Hedges -  6 December 2013
  • Berlusconi_and_woman

    Berlusconi goes down. Everyone strips off

    Recently, Berlusconi has acquired a young fiancée named Pascale. His fall may be seen not as the sudden plummeting of Icarus, but the slow decline of the Roman Empire, which concentrated more on its own pleasures than on affairs of state

    by Tim Hedges - 28 November 2013
  • Italy_berlusconi_corruption

    Corruption in Italy: are things changing?

    It is possible that with the passing of the post war generation who looked on corruption as cunning rather than morally wrong, Italy may begin to maximise its potential without the millstone of corruption holding it back

    by Tim Hedges - 11 November 2013
  • Calabria

    Calabria: The road downhill

    Calabria, and the same goes for the whole of the deep south, is different from the rest of Italy and another world from the ordered security of a Europe run by the north

    by Tim Hedges -  4 November 2013