Articles by Tom Gallagher

Tom Gallagher is Emeritus Professor of Politics at Bradford University and is researching a book on why Britain’s ability to avoid the internal conflicts which have marked continental Europe is disappearing.

  • Farage_in_scotland

    UKIP currently clueless about fighting separatism

    The UK could be tested to destruction if the SNP is turned into a major Westminster force by dumb UKIP electoral tactics in Scotland. And dumb tactics are exactly what UKIP looks to be going for

    by Tom Gallagher - 30 December 2014
  • Pope_and_eu

    No Papal bull for the Eurocrats

    Belief in a progressive, kaleidoscopic multi-cultural society in which numerous lifestyles are promoted along with diverse ethnic cultures has seized the commanding heights of the EU. The Pope's moral clarity does not sit well with the Eurocrats

    by Tom Gallagher - 28 November 2014
  • Broken_euro

    The band plays on the broken Eurozone

    The post-1999 currency union is easily the costliest mistake in the history of the European integration process, as Tom Gallagher's new book demonstrates with alarming clarity. Damage, damage, nothing but damage

    by Tom Gallagher -  9 November 2014
  • Jim_murphy

    Scottish Labour’s aversion to winning

    Next year, the SNP could hold the balance of power in Westminster. The reliable cohort of Scottish seats which Ed Miliband, the insecure head of UK Labour banks on to enter Downing Street, could suddenly vanish. Can Jim Murphy save them?

    by Tom Gallagher - 29 October 2014
  • Musselburgh_rally

    The rise of Scotland the terrible

    Some elements of the Scottish pro-independence campaign have harnessed, for political purposes, the social volatility which until now has played out in gang warfare and football rivalry. Not a pretty sight; but telling

    by Tom Gallagher - 13 September 2014
  • Scottish_flag

    Scottish Self-Sabotage

    The polls have narrowed in the run-up to the 18 September referendum and with its superior electoral machine some now think that the SNP may be unstoppable. If so, it's going to be an act of collective self-sabotage

    by Tom Gallagher -  5 September 2014
  • Union_flag

    As referendum nears, scoundrel time in Scotland

    With just a few weeks to go, Alex Salmond, head of the Scottish independence movement, and wanna-be, 'Braveheart', has shown himself to be the rabble-rousing, vacant-minded populist that he is. As for the BBC...

    by Tom Gallagher - 26 August 2014
  • Angry_salmond

    The day the SNP abandoned its ‘civic’ nationalism

    As Scottish pro-independence campaigners stoop to new lows in smearing and intimidating their opponents, it is increasingly clear that whatever the referendum result Scotland is going to be a sharply polarized country

    by Tom Gallagher - 24 August 2014
  • Tony_abbott

    The world after Britain: An Australian leader gets it

    Australia's Tony Abbott, a Rhodes scholar who shone academically at Oxford rather more completely than Alex Salmond did at St Andrews will know that the 1707 Act of Union was a liberation for many in Scotland. He also knows that a vibrant Britain is vital to the wider West

    by Tom Gallagher - 17 August 2014
  • Tom_gaza

    Is cowardly Edinburgh fit for a global arts festival?

    The intolerant, middle class protestors I witnessed at the Edinburgh Festival who, while the authorities looked on, silenced Israeli artists purely because of their national origins shame Scotland's great Enlightenment traditions, says Prof. Tom Gallagher

    by Tom Gallagher - 12 August 2014
  • Salmond_darling

    Scotland’s man of destiny fluffs his big night

    In the debate, Salmond tried but did not succeed in dismissing some of the practical obstacles which troubled doubters who might otherwise sign up for an independent Scotland. In other words, he blew it

    by Tom Gallagher -  6 August 2014
  • Glasgow_commonwealth_games

    Without Britain Glasgow is on the ropes

    Glasgow’s status as a vigorous service-based economy is strongly bound up with the preservation of the Union. The SNP has emotive bluster. But it can't answer, and doesn't understand, the real needs of a city whose fortunes, literally, are tied to Britain

    by Tom Gallagher - 26 July 2014
  • Juncker_smirking

    Euro opportunism: Cameron no match for Sikorski

    The Juncker/Sikorski episode shows how little Britain’s voice counts in Europe, how alone its government is and how powerless it is to resist the creation of a form of technocratic absolutism which treats national parliaments and electorates with contempt

    by Tom Gallagher - 26 June 2014
  • Salmond_flag

    A Latin American Pope and Europe’s Separatists

    Even the Pope seems sceptical about Scottish independence. If he ever met Alex Salmond, Pope Francis, drawing on Argentina's history, would probably just see him for the populist that he is

    by Tom Gallagher - 18 June 2014
  • Michael-gove-010

    Michael Gove’s honourable ambition for Britain

    Michael Gove's political future is under a degree of uncertainty, but he remains ambitious: not so much for himself but for his vision of Britain

    by Tom Gallagher -  8 June 2014