Articles by Tomasz Zajaczkowski

Tomasz Zajaczkowski is Secretary, Friends of Poland in UKIP

  • Polski_sklep

    Why as a Pole I back UKIP immigration policy

    As an immigrant from Poland, the reason why I support UKIP's immigration policy is that it is very much in my interests. It is far more nuanced and intelligent than the other parties' approach. It should be embraced by all

    by Tomasz Zajaczkowski - 13 January 2015
  • Polish_and_uk_flag

    Would you mind having a Polish neighbour?

    Polish immigration has been a bonanza for the UK. Of course, there must be proper controls over immigration in general. But any thoughts about demonising the Polish are both wrong and irrational, says Friends of Poland in UKIP

    by Tomasz Zajaczkowski -  7 February 2014