Articles by Vijeta Uniyal

Vijeta Uniyal is an Indian entrepreneur based in Germany. He is founder of "Indian Friends of Israel", an initiative of Indian Diaspora in Europe to promote friendship between India and Israel

  • Merkel_rally

    German taxpayers funding anti-Israel hate

    Despite Chancellor Merkel’s recent high-profile call to fight rising anti-Semitism, the German tax payer remains one of the leading sponsors of hate groups targeting Israel and the Jewish people. It's got to stop

    by Vijeta Uniyal - 20 September 2014
  • Greenpeace_in_india

    India cracks down on climate change wreckers

    The Indian government falls off Obama's low-emission bandwagon and puts Greenpeace and other ‘activist’ groups under the scanner, saying the climate change agenda is hurting economic growth

    by Vijeta Uniyal - 22 June 2014
  • Anti-israel_germany

    The anti-Israel campaign in Germany

    The boycott campaign against Israel is trying to make inroads in Germany by wooing the political Left and employing underhand tactics such as “Lawfare”. Its practitioners rely on the inaction of the German people who willingly will have no part in this

    by Vijeta Uniyal - 31 March 2014
  • Big-brother-is-watching-you

    An Indian immigrant's view: Leftist indoctrination in Europe

    The Leftwing narrative is running unopposed on European campuses. The institutions of higher learning that once heralded the age of enlightenment are looking more and more like Leftwing, neo-totalitarian Seminaries, and I say that coming from India

    by Vijeta Uniyal -  5 March 2014
  • Bds_bigot

    The punching bag bigots of anti-Israel boycotts

    The practitioners of anti-Israel boycott bigotry are bent upon disrupting the free flow of knowledge, academic discourse and civilizational advancement in the Western World. They must not be allowed to do so, for we are all in peril if they are, says Vijeta Uniyal of Indian Friends of Israel

    by Vijeta Uniyal - 24 February 2014
  • Immortality_in_the_ganges

    Losing India: Surely not an option, even for Obama?

    Obama's foreign policy is helping enemies and harming friends. India could be a tremendous ally for generations to come. Obama must not be allowed to "lose India"

    by Vijeta Uniyal - 10 February 2014
  • Anelka_gesture

    Asian immigrant's disgust at European anti-Semitism

    With soccer star Nicolas Anelka in mind, the "quenelle" gesture popularized by French "performance artist" Dieudonné says something about anti-Semitism in Europe and why it should bother us, immigrants or not

    by Vijeta Uniyal -  3 January 2014