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  • Sergio_mattarella

    Italy’s new president

    The new Italian president, Sergio Mattarella, has made only one announcement in 10 years and his barber and the doorman at his flat have proved to be the best informed people about him

    by Tim Hedges -  2 February 2015
  • Barber_shop

    Democracy and the haircut

    We keep hearing about hair cuts and the EU. But if you really want to get to the heart of democracy, sometimes you need to consult a barber. At least, that's the way of things in Italy these days

    by Tim Hedges -  8 February 2015
  • Michele_ferrero

    Addio, Mr. Breakfast

    Michele Ferrero was one of Europe’s greatest post war businessmen. Whilst it may not be universally known in Britain, it would be impossible to underestimate the importance of Nutella in Italy, France, Germany and almost everywhere else. There's even a World Nutella Day

    by Tim Hedges - 16 February 2015
  • La_barcaccia

    La Barcaccia: trashed by football fans

    Football is in the headlines for the wrong reasons after the racist behaviour of Chelsea fans in Paris. But you may have missed a rampage in Rome by Dutch fans which damaged a historic landmark. And guess what? The football authorities don't want to know

    by Tim Hedges - 23 February 2015
  • Italy_protest-4

    Italy about to blow?

    The huge demonstration in Rome by the Northern League was designed to put it all right in the establishment's face. If this were chess, we'd be in the middle game. But, for the euro and for Italy itself, what will the end game look like?

    by Tim Hedges -  2 March 2015
  • Milan_fashion_week

    Women in Italy

    In northern Europe the proportion of women who work is around two-thirds. In Italy it is less than half and in the south of the country it is not much more than one third. There's a long way to go, but you should see how it used to be. Some incredible stories

    by Tim Hedges -  9 March 2015
  • Pope-laugh_2629894b

    The Pope’s third year starts with a bang, and a joke

    Popes are not known for telling jokes. So when Pope Francis told a self-deprecating gag, you can be sure there was more to it than that. Serious deeds are afoot in the Vatican

    by Tim Hedges - 16 March 2015
  • Borgo_trento

    Italy's health system versus the NHS

    The embarrassing Olympic opening ceremony was watched by hundreds of millions of people with far better health systems than ours. Italy, as Tim Hedges recounts, just wipes the floor with the NHS. Why are we in denial?

    by Tim Hedges -  1 June 2015
  • Africa_migrants

    Italy’s immigration problem: UK, Europe take note

    Italy is not the kind of country to get all politically correct. But the enormous migration issue from Africa, which the moronic PC political classes refuse to talk about (and the Roma PC-denial matter), is changing Europe, and there are vastly important matters at stake

    by Tim Hedges - 10 June 2015
  • Renzi_praying

    Renzi's Italian job just got tougher

    Amid record debt figures, instability caused by the Greek crisis, an immigration nightmare, chaotic EU rules, and a staggering new corruption scandal in Rome, Italy's Prime Minister Renzi has his work cut out, but he's still the future

    by Tim Hedges - 17 June 2015
  • Papal_cool

    Laudato si’ and the green Pope

    The Pope's ill advised intervention on climate change could make it look as though he is pandering to shallow, Guardian-style political correctness, or that he is a celebrity endorser of ‘good’ causes, like Bono

    by Tim Hedges - 22 June 2015
  • Market_in_rome

    Grexit is one thing. What if it happened in Italy?

    Polls show that more than half of Italians would vote to leave the single currency. Also, if things go bad, refinancing Greece for two hundred odd billion is one thing, Italy’s debt is more than two trillion. Grexit would be huge, but Itexit would spell catastrophe

    by Tim Hedges -  1 July 2015
  • Passeggiata-night-time

    Italy, the badante, immigration, and the elderly

    Italy gets some things right. It's health system is better than the NHS. It sometimes shows some interesting ideas on immigration. And it has some quirky but successful ideas on treating the elderly well

    by Tim Hedges - 10 July 2015
  • La_dolce_vita

    Italy's uncertain romance with Europe

    Italy's faith in the European project has been badly shaken by the Greek crisis. But the Eurozone's third largest economy is not about to quit. Italy is locked in a strange and contradictory romance with both Brussels and Berlin

    by Tim Hedges - 21 July 2015
  • Rome_latest

    Rome. My favourite city

    Rome has had a tough year, with some of the familiar stereotypes about mob rule being vindicated in style. But it is still the most fantastic city on earth, and you couldn't make a better choice for a summer break

    by Tim Hedges -  2 August 2015
  • Vittorio-casamonica-funeral

    A gangster’s funeral, Italy style

    Mafia supremo Vittoria Casamonica was buried in a manner that looked like something from the Godfather. In fact, it sounded like it too as, incredibly, the streets of Rome rang out to the theme music to Mario Puzo's famous movie. Only in Italy..

    by Tim Hedges - 25 August 2015

    Papal economics: for richer or for poorer?

    Ironically, the Pope's own country of origin -- Argentina, which used to be among the richest in the world -- impoverished itself due to the socialist nonsense that he himself advocates for the world

    by Tim Hedges - 21 October 2015
  • Venice-photo5

    Health and jobs and sausages in Italy

    Italy's health system comes top of the league table for cancer recovery rates. NHS supporters should take note. But it is close to bottom when it comes to nepotism, and the brightest and best are emigrating. As ever, it's a mixed bag in Italy

    by Tim Hedges - 30 October 2015
  • Mafia_capitale

    Mafia Capitale and the governance of Rome

    The Mafia Capitale trial in Rome has begun over the city's home grown mafia. One of the accused is a comic book baddie with one eye lost in a shoot out, another was recorded by police saying that the contract for looking after immigrants was more profitable than running cocaine

    by Tim Hedges -  8 November 2015
  • Olive_oil_pressing_02

    Extra Virgin? The olive oil scandal

    Italy is the world's second largest producer of olive oil, after Spain, but, incredibly, is a net importer. Always go for quality, and remember that you get what you pay for

    by Tim Hedges - 18 November 2015
  • Rome-police-620x413

    Is Rome next on the terror target list?

    Rome has not been attacked, at least not yet. Such solidarity as the Romans feel is against the Mafia Capitale hoods on trial at the moment, or the recently convicted managers of the bus company, fined massive sums for giving lucrative posts to their unqualified friends and relatives. But is an attack likely?

    by Tim Hedges - 30 November 2015
  • Pope_francis

    Another PR disaster for Pope Francis

    if you asked a tabloid journalist to concoct the juiciest ever story, he could hardly have done better. It involves corruption, priestly sex, a young temptress, women's underwear and Silvio Berlusconi. The Pope will have a job on his hands managing this one

    by Tim Hedges -  7 December 2015
  • Bank_of_italy

    Bank collapse and personal ruin in Italy

    The effects of the financial crisis are far from over in Italy where a scandal over an old man who killed himself after losing all his savings could yet bring down the government

    by Tim Hedges - 14 December 2015
  • Licio-gelli-770x512

    Thoughts on the death of a Fascist

    Licio Gelli was a fascist, and much more besides. His life and times track the changes in Italy's fortunes through decades. But he is the past and many of his secrets will remain buried with him

    by Tim Hedges - 22 December 2015
  • Rome-nye

    An untimely New Year in Italy

    Italy started the new year in great (Italian) style. The state broadcaster RAI got the countdown to 2016 hopelessly wrong: 51 seconds early. And then there was that affair with the Vatican...

    by Tim Hedges -  8 January 2016
  • Federica_mogherini

    Federica Mogherini's impossible job

    Federica Mogherini has one of the most difficult jobs in the world. She's the foreign policy supremo for the disfunctional EU. Meanwhile her country, Italy, is getting increasingly Eurosceptic

    by Tim Hedges - 27 January 2016
  • Renzi_and_juncker

    Italy calls foul on the EU

    Storm clouds are gathering over Italy, and others, again, as the European project exacerbates enduring problems. There's trouble coming, and the Eurosceptic heat is rising from below

    by Tim Hedges - 26 February 2016
  • Jean-claude_juncker

    The EU: It’s not ‘us’

    The scaremongerers are wrong to say Britain will be harmed financially if we quit the EU. But even if they were right, it would still be best for us to leave. The European Union is totally at odds with our identity and history. Next stop, Brexit please

    by Tim Hedges -  7 March 2016
  • Europe

    Brexit will cause Europeans to rethink the whole project

    The prospect of Brexit will cause Europeans to reconsider the shambles an unelected elite has made of the continent. They will open their eyes and see that the EU is the continent’s past, not its future

    by Tim Hedges - 10 April 2016
  • Pope_francis

    How has Pope Francis performed?

    You could certainly be forgiven for thinking that Pope Francis simply says the first thing that comes into his head, as we've seen over several issues. That said, he is an extraordinarily good man who has made real progress for the Church

    by Tim Hedges - 27 April 2016